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The Explosion In Production And Consumption Of Small Cheap Computers Continues

Normally, an explosion is a short, sharp event. Not so with small cheap computers. Apparently, the roll-out of inexpensive tablets will continue until almost everyone on Earth has one. “Digitimes Research predicts that 254 million tablets will be sold in … Continue reading

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AMD: “we also see a market for Android and Chrome developing”

“AMD, the chip maker which was making chips exclusively for Microsoft’s Windows platform is now considering designing chips for Google’s open source Android and Chrome OS.” see AMD also walks out of Microsoft camp, to design chips for Android, Chrome … Continue reading

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Unbundling the OS From PCs

“Due to licensing terms dictated by Microsoft to all vendors in the industry, a PC must ship with an operating system installed. It can be Windows. It can be Linux. For our large customers, we’ve even shipped a few machines … Continue reading

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