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GNU/Linux Is On The Move Globally

GNU/Linux has been languishing, according to StatCounter, at below 1% share until recently and I thought I would collect data to see how it fared on different continents. As you can see, the rate of growth of installed base is … Continue reading

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You Know It’s A Brave New World When PC OEMs Strive To Ship */Linux

1995 – “any significant change to the OPK Requirements such as the HP Pavilion Introduction executing immediately upon power-on would have required a written approval from MS as documented in our companies agreements. MS requests that HP a)place the HP … Continue reading

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GNU/Linux (Tizen) Tablet

There’s no reason that GNU/Linux cannot serve well on tablets. It’s a universal OS. “Japanese firm Systena Corp. announced the first Tizen-based tablet, which also appears to be the first Tizen product of any kind. The unnamed Systena Tizen tablet … Continue reading

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RCMP Service To Citizens Crashes And Burns In Alberta

Alberta is a very firearms-friendly province of Canada but not so its police force, the federal RCMP on contract. “RCMP revealed Thursday that officers have seized a “substantial amount” of firearms from homes in the evacuated town of High River. … Continue reading

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The English-speaking Established PC Market Is Disgusted With “8”

Two pictures speak 1000 words here. Consider share of page-views according to StatCounter for the United Kingdom from 2008 to 2013. First there was growth for GNU/Linux and then stagnation for years as “7” seemed good enough for many. Along … Continue reading

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Gartner – Legacy PCs Sinking

The world is echoing the result of Gartner’s latest analysis of personal computing markets. Despite the fact that they predict shipments of tablets will exceed legacy PCs by the end of 2014, many are still thinking problems in the supply-chain … Continue reading

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EU Pushes For Open Standards in IT

The EU tells it like it is in a new release. It’s not only hot air. They do the maths. “Working with standards – rather than specifying a single ICT brand, tool, system, or product – when procuring ICT systems … Continue reading

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The 99th Reason To Migrate To FLOSS and GNU/Linux

Christine Hall thinks M$’s penchant for assisting US government agencies with vulnerabilities of WindowsTM on hundreds of millions of PCs around the world may be the last straw for users of IT who value security. Combined with the NSA leaks, … Continue reading

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Saudi Arabia Gets FLOSS

Many years ago I worked in Saudi Arabia helping to develop and to produce radiopharmaceuticals. Information technology globally was just getting into the PC age and we used PDP11 minicomputers at work. I was pleasantly surprised to see Saudi Arabia … Continue reading

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IDC On Thin Clients

“Thin Clients make up the vast majority (96%) of enterprise client devices.” see IDC Expects Continued Growth for Thin Clients Across All Form Factors, Unlike Current Trends in the PC Market I didn’t know that… However it makes sense. Even … Continue reading

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Munich Attacks Windows XP

Not only did Munich decide to avoid migrating from NT to XP, the city is attempting to assist residents to migrate from XP to GNU/Linux in order to prolong the useful life of those PCs “Munich City Council plan to … Continue reading

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Italian City Of Genoa Makes FLOSS The Default Choice

‘The Municipality will favour the use of free software or open source, wherever possible"’ see Italian Genoa to use open source 'wherever possible'. That’s a step forward. FLOSS is the right way to do IT because it puts the organization … Continue reading

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