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Google And Apple Cooperate

It’s cute to see Apple and Google cooperating, at least on applications for mobile devices: That’s the way IT/tech companies should work. It’s much more efficient than suing each other. Only a couple of years ago, Apple’s Steve delayed death … Continue reading

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Black Hole Boot

“Secure Boot” isn’t particularly secure but it does tend to make it harder to escape the Wintel monopoly. According to Matthew Garrett: “the Windows 8 setup environment doesn’t offer that reboot icon. Turn on a brand new Windows 8 system … Continue reading

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StatCounter Shows Huge Bump For GNU/Linux

We still don’t know the cause but the effect is consistent with an abrupt change in the mix of StatCounter’s “partners”. Perhaps some major Windows-centric site is no longer signed up. The result is a huge shift from ~1% to … Continue reading

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Glyn Moody Trashes Latest BSA-Study

“So what this all boils down to is that the fundamental premise of the latest BSA study – that licensed proprietary software is better in many ways than pirated copies – actually applies to open source software even more strongly, … Continue reading

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OEMs Respond To The Slump In Sales Of PCs By Slashing Orders For Parts

The pain of Wintel is moving down to the roots of the tree. Manufacturers are delaying orders for parts 60 days in a wait-and-see mode. They will not be paying M$ nearly as much for months. Think deferred revenue will … Continue reading

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IDC on Tablets: Smaller Cheaper Computers Win in 2013

“Tablets surpassing portables in 2013, and total PCs in 2015, marks a significant change in consumer attitudes about compute devices and the applications and ecosystems that power them. IDC continues to believe that PCs will have an important role in … Continue reading

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City of Munich: GNU/Linux Desktop Migration Completed Successfully

“The city is now using a unified desktop system, Limux, its own distribution based on the Ubuntu Linux open source operating system and open source applications, on 14,000 of the total 15,000 desktops, spread over 51 offices across the city. … Continue reading

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A while back changed ownership when the corporation owning it was sold. Since then the site has been rudderless with no moderator/authour and gradually fewer contributors to the public forum. For several days now DNS still works but there’s … Continue reading

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About two weeks ago, I began to seed my garden. Recent developments: I have finished seeding corn by hand, one per square foot, 500g of seed…about 4500 kernels. I hope my friends show up to help eat the crop. 😉 … Continue reading

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Jack Wallen Gets Some Things Right

Jack Wallen at Tech Republic wrote, “If Richard Stallman had his way, Linux would still be stuck in the ’90s, being used by only CompSci majors and developers. I fully respect GNU and FOSS — but when a camp is … Continue reading

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GNU/Linux in Developing Countries

Amen to Dagorret who wrote, “An average Indian does not have enough financial capacity to afford a new computer every one-and-half years. And why should we do that? Computers should serve us, we shouldn’t serve them! Computers are for working, … Continue reading

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Samsung: “we need to move beyond just being good consumers of open source … to being very active and strong contributors and thought leaders”

It is a key requirement of the FLOSS community that substantial businesses step up and contribute time, money, energy and manpower to the creation and maintenance of FLOSS in lieu of paying licensing fees to vendors of non-free software. There … Continue reading

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