Another Crack In The Gaming Barrier For GNU/Linux

What operating systems does the game support?

World of Warplanes supports most Microsoft Windows series operating systems.  World of Warplanes will most likely function with Windows 8, but we do not currently have a full line of support in place to assist with all troubleshooting. Plans of porting the game to other platforms, if any, will be revealed further on.”
see F.A.Q. | World of Warplanes

Meanwhile, War Gaming has just joined the Linux Foundation. Can you say “PORT!”, boys and girls?
“Our decision to join The Linux Foundation was influenced by the accelerated change of the game industry,” said Maksim Melnikau, Developer at Wargaming. “Having been in this genre for almost 15 years, we seek to reap enormous value from such a strong community and for Linux to advance the gaming industry.”

Further, on their forum:
“Wargaming relies heavily on a number of different open-source technologies to help us create our legendary MMO universe, whether it’s using Linux to power our servers, Django to build our web project frameworks or Wikimedia to help us in our research efforts. As a company, we’d like to say thank you to all the developers, testers and users who’ve helped create these awesome tools and that we’re extremely honored to hopefully help them continue their great work moving into the future.”

Thanks for giving back!

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