Amazon Threatens Conventional Wisdom In IT

“Rule 1 of IT club is you don’t talk about prices. Amazon has broken that rule in a rather spectacular manner, and now there’s hell to pay.

Traditional vendors still don’t disclose pricing because – they really do argue this – keeping pricing private allows them to better serve the needs of customers. This is a pricing strategy known as "how much can my punter afford" and is never good for the buyer.”
see Amazon cloud threatens ENTIRE IT ECOSYSTEM

Chuckle. This is not just about folks supplying services on the web. Any large business can make great use of Amazon’s cloud to replace tons of M$’s burden on local servers with economical and flexible GNU/Linux servers being managed by Amazon. Anyone moving stuff to the cloud can see Amazon’s prices out in the open and M$ and “partners” cannot compete on price/performance. They need monopoly to keep prices high. That doesn’t fly any longer.

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