GNU/Linux News From Brazil

  • “Eight years ago the Banco do Brasil, a pioneer in the use of open source software, adopted the GNU / Linux operating system for its internet / intranet infrastructure. Today, the bank has the largest suite of solutions on this platform in Latin America. It has 5,000 branch servers based on open platforms, 100,000 workstations using BrOffice and more than 2,000 telecenters that promote digital inclusion throughout Brazil.
    Besides the technological independence afforded by the replacement of proprietary programs, the initiative has saved about R$ 110 million.”
    see Successful Case Studies
  • You can do your Income Tax returns using GNU/Linux: “The Federal Revenue Service provides programs for different systems: Windows, Linux, Mac and Solaris.”
  • The government promotes, approves and uses Open Source Software
  • Brazil took a long-term view and phased in GNU/Linux and ODF as and when other technology became obsolete: “The deployment of open source software in Federal entities is advancing, however it is an ongoing process that occurs gradually, in line with the replacement of technology at each institution. The transition to open software occurs, for example, when it is necessary to implement of new version of a system, or in accord with the replacement cycle of old technologies.”.
  • I wish the government of Canada was as active as Brazil in promoting FLOSS and Open Standards.

If a national government of a substantial nation can run on GNU/Linux, FLOSS and open standards, anyone can. I recommend Debian GNU/Linux. It will do just about anything.

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I am a retired teacher in Canada. I taught in the subject areas where I have worked for almost forty years: maths, physics, chemistry and computers. I love hunting, fishing, picking berries and mushrooms, too.
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2 Responses to GNU/Linux News From Brazil

  1. Agent_Smith says:

    Oh, boy…
    Actually, it’s worse than it seems. But, if the government had no plan or strategy, it would be a lot worse.

  2. Gonzalo says:

    Yes, Robert. But not everything is roses here.
    Some changes got back; that company applies pressure, sells licenses cheaper not to loose users…
    Still, is good we have successful cases.

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