GNU/Linux Doing Well In China

My spies failed miserably to reveal the extent of shipments/sales of GNU/Linux PCs in China but here are the offical government numbers:
(Google translated)
“Chan said that in 2007 China’s computer pre-installed genuine operating system software number is 26.65 million units, in 2011 to 55.01 million units, an increase of 106%. From the percentage of pre-term, pre-2007 rate of 87.75%, in 2011 the rate of 98.12% preloaded improve 10.37 points.”

According to statistics, in 2011 China’s Linux pre-installed genuine operating system software category reached 16.84 million units, the vast majority of domestic operating system vendors, including winning software, Kaiyuan pioneer, Red Flag this three software companies before breakdown products three. "Pre-installed genuine operating system software effectively promote domestic enterprises of the Linux operating system software products on a broad, effective promotion and application, but also effectively improve the technological level of these products and maturity." Chan said.
see Computer pre-installed genuine operating system software has gradually increased share

Some of those translated sentences are hard to read but I like the numbers:
16.84 million of 55.01 million PCs shipped with an OS in 2011 bore GNU/Linux. That’s 30.6%. Only a million or so shipped without an OS but I would bet a good share of them had GNU/Linux as well. Good show, China. I doubt “8” would have helped M$’s numbers in 2012.

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