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GNU/Linux News From Brazil

“Eight years ago the Banco do Brasil, a pioneer in the use of open source software, adopted the GNU / Linux operating system for its internet / intranet infrastructure. Today, the bank has the largest suite of solutions on this … Continue reading

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GNU/Linux Doing Well In China

My spies failed miserably to reveal the extent of shipments/sales of GNU/Linux PCs in China but here are the offical government numbers: (Google translated) “Chan said that in 2007 China’s computer pre-installed genuine operating system software number is 26.65 million … Continue reading

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Shuttleworth Closes Ubuntu’s Bug #1

Accepting that current OS markets have a lot more competition than in 2004 when he filed the bug, Mark Shuttleworth closed it with this parting shot: “Personal computing today is a broader proposition than it was in 2004: phones, tablets, … Continue reading

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Back In The Saddle

Yesterday, having caught up with my seeding, I did other things for my land. I finally got around to fixing the old mower’s deck. The mounting bolts I thought were rounded off were actually coated with grass-juice… I sharpened the … Continue reading

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Google And Apple Cooperate

It’s cute to see Apple and Google cooperating, at least on applications for mobile devices: That’s the way IT/tech companies should work. It’s much more efficient than suing each other. Only a couple of years ago, Apple’s Steve delayed death … Continue reading

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