StatCounter Shows Huge Bump For GNU/Linux

We still don’t know the cause but the effect is consistent with an abrupt change in the mix of StatCounter’s “partners”. Perhaps some major Windows-centric site is no longer signed up. The result is a huge shift from ~1% to ~1.3% globally in a few days. In USA/Canada the effect was much more dramatic, suggesting the site is popular in North America. Anyways, the effect on GNU/Linux share is dramatic:

The bottom line is that the region with M$ in its back yard and by most accounts with the greatest number of Linux-haters is actually more welcoming to GNU/Linux than we have known just by looking at the web-stats. It is possible but very unlikely that this sudden shift is the result of a GNU/Linux-friendly site coming on-line but more likely due to a Windows-centric site going off StatCounter’s radar. There certainly are plenty of those. This is confirmed by the sharp rise in MacOS’ share from about 11% to 16%. That’s not very GNU/Linux-centric but is consistent with that other OS losing a friend in StatCounter’s ranks.

No roll-out in a single organization would be large enough to give this effect; crossing borders and rapid change excludes government and no business is larger than government.

Regardless of how much better this change shows the state of GNU/Linux more truthfully in losing a Windows-bias it shows M$ is losing the OS-war:

If that trend continues a few more months and we define monopoly as >50% share, M$’s desktop monopoly will be truly dead with little chance of revival. While the global stats still look good for M$, the loss of the monopoly in the “flagship” market, USA, will have repercussions sooner or later. This is not just about current shipments/sales but installed-base, what Wintel lives on. Soon, all of M$’s “partners” will need to hedge their bets and the way Apple holds tightly their crown jewels, GNU/Linux and Android/Linux will have to help out… 😉

This is as it should be because page-views reflect the use of PCs: multi-media playing and web-browsing for most of us. No one needs M$ for that. GNU/Linux works well. I use Debian GNU/Linux for all my computing needs. It’s done pretty well except perhaps for video editing which is rapidly improving now that LightWorks is in alpha-testing for GNU/Linux.

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  1. ram says:

    Or it could be those new Intel servers for a wholesale price under $1000. The specs are impressive:

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    And it runs Linux! Like blazes!

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