Glyn Moody Trashes Latest BSA-Study

“So what this all boils down to is that the fundamental premise of the latest BSA study – that licensed proprietary software is better in many ways than pirated copies – actually applies to open source software even more strongly, with the added virtues that the software is free to try, to use and to modify. That means the potential economic impact of free software is also even greater than that offered by both licensed and unlicensed proprietary software. It’s yet another reason for governments around the world to promote the use of open source in their countries by everyone at every level.”
see BSA Study Demonstrates Open Source's Economic Advantage

The key flaw in BSA’s report is that they completely ignore FLOSS in their analysis and combined with really bad maths come to silly conclusions. Of course FLOSS is properly licensed software ( the licence comes with the software at no extra cost than downloading and installing) and with a cost of ~$0, you can’t beat the economic effect of it. I have seen that demonstrated repeatedly. After seeing MSCEs spend hours trying to update one of my computer labs I found I was able to convert most labs to the latest installation of Debian GNU/Linux in one hour and update all the software in a few minutes for routine updates and less than an hour for migration to a new release. The rest of my time was then freed for useful business, education. With that other OS, I was a slave giving very little economic benefit to my employer because that other OS was constantly giving us trouble.

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