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About two weeks ago, I began to seed my garden. Recent developments: I have finished seeding corn by hand, one per square foot, 500g of seed…about 4500 kernels. I hope my friends show up to help eat the crop. 😉 … Continue reading

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Jack Wallen Gets Some Things Right

Jack Wallen at Tech Republic wrote, “If Richard Stallman had his way, Linux would still be stuck in the ’90s, being used by only CompSci majors and developers. I fully respect GNU and FOSS — but when a camp is … Continue reading

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GNU/Linux in Developing Countries

Amen to Dagorret who wrote, “An average Indian does not have enough financial capacity to afford a new computer every one-and-half years. And why should we do that? Computers should serve us, we shouldn’t serve them! Computers are for working, … Continue reading

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