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Croatia On The Path To Freedom

“President Josipović also expressed his "complete support" for the government plans to implement open source and open standards in the public sector’s IT.” see Croatia's President praises creative spirit of open source community Croatia is a small energetic country with … Continue reading

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A Decade Of Service At Groklaw. Thank you, PJ

“FUD withers in sunlight. It only works when people lack accurate information.” see Groklaw – Happy 10th Anniversary, Dear Groklaw! Happy 10th Anniversary to Us! ~pj How much FUD GROKLAW deflated: GPL is evil/unconstitutional, Linux was copied from UNIX operating … Continue reading

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Struggling IT

I was just reading an advertisement for a product which is supposed to cut the cost of IT so that more resources can be spent productively. It contained this gem: “According to Gartner, when looking at the total lifetime cost … Continue reading

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