Canalys On Wintel

‘The combination of ARM-based chipsets and Android has taken computing devices to new, lower price points. If Microsoft and Intel are serious about capitalizing on this exploding market, both will need to ensure that their OEMs can remain competitive on price.’
see Smart mobile device shipments exceed 300 million in Q1 2013

More than a decade ago, M$ was worried when the price of an ATX PC box was ~$1K. Well, that capability is now available for ~$100. It’s time to rethink everything. Trying to raise the price of PCs as “Ultra”-somethings won’t cut it. Even an ARMed smartphone is absolutely wonderful… Trying to spread FUD won’t cut it as even the consumers on the street and the news media can see that the emperor has no clothes. Remember, every middle-aged user on the Earth has seen enough BSODs and malware to last a lifetime. Now that they can see a price-difference between Android/Linux on ARM and Wintel, large numbers are choosing the less costly and better-performing option.

If you want an alternative to Android/Linux or M$’s OS on your PC, consider Debian GNU/Linux, “the universal operating system”.

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