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Android/Linux Could Redefine “PC”

“Given Android’s success in the mobile market, one has to wonder how long it will be until we see the operating system loaded onto PCs and go head-to-head against Windows and iOS. Given the way that buyers (consumers and enterprise … Continue reading

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Boston Dumps M$ Despite the Anti-Google FUD-slinging

“It will cost Boston around $800,000 to move over to Gmail, Google Docs for word processing, and Google’s cloud service for storing documents. But by dropping some Microsoft products, the city government will save at least $280,000 a year.” see … Continue reading

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A Win For Software Freedom

“Bhuvan Krishna, General Secretary, Free Software Movement of India (FSMI), announced on the FOSSCOM mailing list that AICTE has finally agreed to remove the the mandatory clause from the notice on implementing Office­365. The decision comes in light of concerns raised by some eminent politicians, … Continue reading

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Office Software

“Contributing to the inertia are concerns about the cost and hassle of migration, the impact on users who have often grown up with the Microsoft toolset, and the perceived level of disruption that would arise from document compatibility issues both … Continue reading

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Debian GNU/Linux Is The GoTo Distro For Google’s Cloud

"We feel that customers will get a great experience having a Linux distribution that is maintained by the Debian community. Debian and derivatives thereof (such as Mint and Ubuntu) are among the most popular on the Internet, and Google itself … Continue reading

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Divide and Conquer

Think your provider of non-free software is working for you? Think again. They divide and conquer in order to wring as much revenue out of organizations as they can: per CPU, per user, per third party user… The complexity and … Continue reading

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