Migrating From MySQL to MariaDB

The outrageous attitude of Oracle to FLOSS made me check out PostgreSQL but Michael “Monty” Widenius claims moving to MariaDB may be a lot easier:
“Just de-install MySQL and install MariaDB instead. All your all tools, connectors will work. You also don’t have to dump/restore data. The format and file names are identical.”
see There is no reason at all to use MySQL: MariaDB, MySQL founder Michael Widenius

I hope that’s right. I have too many web applications using MySQL. It’s hard to justify migrating all that code. It’s easy to consider migrating from MySQL to MariaDB if they are that close. My only concern is that Oracle may bend things in the future and pressure the authours of many web applications to change APIs but that would annoy all their customers so I hope they won’t make trouble for me that way.

So far, Debian does not have MariaDB in the pipeline, but some are working on it. There’s also another possibility in the works but it’s too much like Oracle’s MySQL. Perhaps I should wait to see what Debian does or I might have one foot on the boat and one foot on the dock a bit too long.

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