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Planting Corn

Last year I had the best crop of corn of my life despite a drought and distraction by renovation of the old homestead. The weeds nearly won… This year I will change to a smaller patch more densely planted. The … Continue reading

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Plug Your Ears. That Sound You Are About To Hear Will Be An Android/Linux Explosion

It’s going to be loud. Android/Linux is the most widely accepted OS in the last year and it’s about to go even faster: "The other thing I think I’d point to is the $50 Android smartphone is about to hit … Continue reading

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Swedish FLOSS Procurement System Spreads to Switzerland

Cooperation works in govenment. The Swedish government has developed a platform to facilitate adoption of FLOSS provided by local businesses. Switzerland is translating the application to check it out: “The Swedish procurement framework creates a competition between the suppliers of … Continue reading

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Open Letter to Local Government Minister for Manitoba, Lemieux

Manitoba is a Canadian province that began in the days of horse and wagon. Municipalities were necessarily small as there were great difficulties communicating and travelling larger distances. In the 21st century however, there are better ways of doing things. … Continue reading

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Best Tools For the Job

As expected, M$’s clumsy attempts to tie cloud services to their boat-anchor of an OS is back-firing. Businesses given a choice can choose Google’s stable of cloud services. Here’s the Weather Company’s thoughts: “The choice came down to Google Apps … Continue reading

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