Qualcomm Quad-core Processors For ~$10

It’s an obvious thing but in case you didn’t notice, the price of IT using multiple sources of software and hardware competitively priced is good for you and everyone else on Earth.

Here’s an example. Faced with pressure from MediaTek, Qualcomm has put the price of “quad-core solutions at less than US$10”

via China market: Qualcomm, Spreadtrum cutting quad-core processor prices

M$ and Intel were worried about hiding the price of their components of PCs costing ~$1K. Imagine how they are squirming when a PC costs ~$300…

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When FLOSS is your hammer, every problem is a nail.

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5 Responses to Qualcomm Quad-core Processors For ~$10

  1. oiaohm says:

    George Wilson I did read the article.

    –Now, they’ll have to turn to other kinds of patents in their vast reservoirs. But they’ve got them.

    This case has been closely watched in the patent world, because while thousands of patents are under RAND commitments, no federal judge had actually made a ruling saying what RAND means. Other judges won’t be bound by the numbers that Robart came up with, but given his court has considered the issue more extensively than any other, they may well use his numbers as a guideline.–

    This case is setting the base price for RAND patents.

    The stinker here that you have missed is Motorola won. So Motorola still can in fact go Microsoft for all costs if it wins the contract case. That is in fact a double sided. Motorola has Microsoft on breach of its FRAND contract. So the question is 2.25 percent demand unreasonable when someone uses a patent without paying against license.

    Yes 2.25 percent still could go to Motorola as settlement for breach of contract by Microsoft.

    Microsoft wants Motorola for breach of RAND terms over H.264.

    George Wilson there is a lot of ugly left in this case yet. Two contract cases to resolve yet.

    The fat lady is not singing yet. Microsoft has avoided the worst 2.25 percent forever. This does not mean Microsoft has avoid 2.25 percent as 1 off hit yet. The contract case we will find out if MS had avoided the one off hit for using patents without license.

    Yes this is the first time RAND contracts have been tested in court.

    American Intellectual Property Law Association is high for Motorola.

  2. George Wilson says:

    Yeah, better re-read this article, Peter.

    Motorola wanted $4,000,000,000 for patents covering widely used industry standards. They got $1,800,000.

    The keyword is “industry standards”. If Motorola can’t make big money with the best they’ve got in their portfolio, what then do they want to use to make this money?

    Your calculation is also pretty off. Because I’m quite sure that the patent litigation for Motorola was at least as expensive as the sum they were awarded (most likely the cost was higher). Motorola will think twice before suing Microsoft again.

    Sure, if Motorola find 1,000 patents in their portfolio which they believe are violated by Microsoft, then they can sue 1,000 times. But that would be very, very costly. Much too costly even for Google’s money coffers.

  3. oiaohm says:

    George Wilson really go read that link completely. Microsoft is still paying Motorola more than they offered in the first place.

    Other thing Motorola has its own internal legal firm. The award in the first year will cover all Motorola costs. Yes Motorola does not have to pay external firm to fight for them.

    The breach of contract case is next. The grounds for scaling up the Rand rates was breach of Contract is not legally allows we knew this was kinda a stretch. Old saying don’t count your chickens until they have hatched. Motorola still might get that money.

    This is a huge test case on how RAND patents operate. Also beware those who don’t push there patents against Motorola have to pay a total of zero dollars for the use of those patents. So Microsoft is paying $1,797,554 more than there android competition making the same number of devices.

    Yes it now confirmed that you will not use patents against me clause is valid. If someone does break that you are allowed the bill them for usage of patents. Just not huge amounts.

    George Wilson yes its a loss for Microsoft. Don’t worry Motorola has a huge number of other patents they can still hit Microsoft with.

    Think this way death by 1000 cuts. If each group brings in this Motorola can still be taking 4 billion a year off Microsoft.

  4. George Wilson says:

    Microsoft wins again. Soon Google/Motorola, too, will find themselves paying for using Microsoft patents in Android.

    Oh, you were writing some bull about the death of “Wintel” again? Sorry, didn’t read it. But since it was you, it was surely a well-written article with well-rounded arguments. Chuckle.

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