AICTE Locks In Indian Colleges

“Microsoft provided enterprise-grade services and support whereas other vendors did not,” says Dr. SS Mantha, Chairman of AICTE. “Data security and privacy were of paramount importance to us, and we felt that Office 365 offered the compliance features that we required.”
see AICTE favours vendor lock-in, makes Microsoft Office 365 mandatory in Indian colleges | Muktware


M$ used to ship operating systems with no security whatsover out of the box. They may be a little better now but they still ship terribly vulnerable software. Every month M$ fixes another bunch of vulnerabilities in their software with no end in sight. The latest had multiple privilege escalations, denials of service and disclosures of data… and that’s both in their client operating system and office suite.

enterprise-grade services and support whereas other vendors did not?

I’ll bet there are a dozen vendors of better software for their purposes. Even Debian does better than M$ in supporting end-users. Where was M$ when my machines wouldn’t run without crashing and malware was eating them up and users were complaining they were slow? M$ ships stuff with no guarantees at all, same as Debian. How is M$ any better than that? How is M$ better than RedHat, Suse, IBM, etc. ?

I would bet the folks who made this decision are either on the take or not thinking of the cost of locking in colleges, students and staff to the Wintel treadmill for years to come. Yes, the cloud is a logical solution to some problems of IT in education but M$’s client OS negates most of that. Then there is the vendor lock-in, file-format lock-in and cost. Did they consider the cost of M$’s licensing fees or was money no object?

PS: When I wrote this, I tried to read the guy’s CV. The page would not load…
“Oops! Google Chrome could not connect to
Try reloading: www.­aicte-­india.­org/­downloads/­cv/­Mantha.­pdf”

That inspires confidence. In 2009, the government of India threatened to close down this organization. After some reforms they were allowed to continue. Perhaps this move will prompt further reform, like getting rid of the folks who made this decision.

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8 Responses to AICTE Locks In Indian Colleges

  1. ram says:

    JD put it best!

  2. George Wilson says:

    Good advice, Mr. Koz. Thank you.

  3. kozmcrae says:

    George Wilson, the lonesome troll.

    The trolls around here don’t last too long. They have no recourse but to spew the same lies over and over again. Soon the monotony of their mantra becomes all to obvious even to them. Good-bye George.

  4. George Wilson is skeptical about “People using Google’s online services are FREE.”

    Let’s see. Those folks pay $0 mostly. Some pay a reasonable/competitive amount. They can move their data out of Google’s stuff any time they want while folks like Munich had to spend $millions to do that when in the clutches of M$. What’s not free about people using Google’s services? They can’t see the source code? Neither can the folks using M$’s stuff so Google’s users are certainly not less free than folks using M$’s stuff.

    Before I used FLOSS and after I began to use FLOSS I saw thousands of people stuck with using M$’s stuff and not even realizing they had a choice. They were definitely not free. I am free of M$ forever and many millions of others are as well. M$ can lock people up but once those people realize they have a choice they can walk through the walls of M$’s prison like they were tissue paper. Google, as far as I know, has done nothing to lock people up except to give real people the best value for money.

  5. George Wilson says:

    Pogson’s usual hypocrisy.

    People using Google’s online services are FREE.

    People using Microsoft’s online services are SLAVES.

  6. JD says:

    Nope, a large amount of cash traded hands under the table, thats all. India is one country where you could make anyone say anything you want as long as you pay in cash. This moron was probably paid into some offshore account, and M$ got a lot of free publicity in return, by forcing him to narrate a script of their choosing to the media. Its a W$n-W$n.

    Believe me, I’ve been there and I’m certain this is how this deal went down. I would even go so far as betting my house on it. It also wouldn’t surprise me if this surfaces a few years later as a ‘scandal’. Someone will spill the beans because they didn’t get a slice of the pie.

  7. oiaohm says:

    Yep upload your data to a overseas country that you have no legal rights in and its somehow secure.

    People at top at times are complete idiots.

  8. Mats Hagglund says:

    I have always wondered even more why people of Japan are so naive when they prefer things like Windows and IE so much. Did two A-bombs make them reptiles?

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