Zombie Bug #645713 Still Lives

There are less than two dozen release-critical bugs left in Debian’s next release, Wheezy, and one of them is an old bug from 2011 that just will not die… It seems the only solution is to unfreeze stuff related to OpenOffice.org…

Kill it already. Just use LibreOffice. I suspect that Wheezy could be released this weekend and a sword will be used to fix the problem. I am glad Debian has people willing to fight zombies in dependency Hell so I don’t have to.

“I have done very few tests, but it seems like bringing openoffice.org-core back (as a transitional package) is the simplest workaround. If I remember right all status-files I have seen so far about this issue (not that many, but yeah) included openoffice (as I wondered why it was touched so early and wanted to investigate this after wheezy), so while this sounds indeed crazy I guess it would solve all known issues. Hence CC’ing the previous maintainers to gaining some intelligence on how feasible this is”
see #645713 – many squeeze->wheezy upgrades fail with "Could not perform immediate configuration".

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