M$ and Friends Complain To EU That They Can’t Compete With Google

M$ can’t compete with Google in any way so they complain that Google excludes them from mobile search. That’s clearly not true as FaceBook recently demonstrated by reskinning Android/Linux. It’s FLOSS, twits. You can run, modify, examine and redistribute the software. Drop dead…
“And maybe Microsoft has forgotten, but I haven’t, that it spent years telling the world that using the free Linux code actually cost more than using Microsoft products. They can’t have it both ways, can they? I also don’t forget that Microsoft got Motorola to put Bing as the default search engine on its phones in 2010. How was that possible if the current whining were fact-based?”
see Groklaw – Another Cynical "Antitrust" Complaint From Microsoft and Its Buddies Against Google

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I am a retired teacher in Canada. I taught in the subject areas where I have worked for almost forty years: maths, physics, chemistry and computers. I love hunting, fishing, picking berries and mushrooms, too.
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5 Responses to M$ and Friends Complain To EU That They Can’t Compete With Google

  1. dougman says:

    Georgey utters, “Google is abusing its monopoly power” Funny, I can use the Internet without Google if I so desired. A decade ago, trying to use the Internet sans M$, was near impossible. Salient point, so remember it.

    Do recall, that both the DOJ and the EU have stated that M$ has, or maintains a monopoly, however, its fading quickly.

  2. JD says:

    And georgy is so completely blinded by his M$ fanboyism that he reality eludes him once again.

    So georgy, since vocabulary doesn’t seem to be your forte, let me try and tell you what a monopoly is:
    mo·nop·o·ly : “The exclusive possession or control of the supply or trade in a commodity or service.”

    So tell us georgy, how do you explain those millions of iPhones Cupertino sold, and the billions they made in profits, if Google has an absolute monopoly on the market?

    “Basically, it’s the same as Internet Explorer being pre-installed on Windows”
    No it isn’t and here is why. Back in the day if you walked into a retail store, all the computers, bar none, came pre-installed with windoze because of shady deals M$ made with OEMs, such as threats of increasing licensing costs were they to offer a competing operating system such as Linux with their products.

    Since M$ was the only OS any person could buy (Apple did not have any retail presence at the time), it was declared a Monopoly. And because they were forcing IE down everyone’s throat even though it was an inferior product and had no real reason to be included with the OS except for M$’s desire to screw the competition, it was deemed a monopoly.

    Fast forward to the situation now. You walk into a retail store and you could buy phones running a variety of OSes, from Android and iOS to now obscure ones like Symbian. If you look hard enough, you many even find a windoze phone somewhere in the back shelf. And you know what? Consumers are *choosing* Android over the competition because it is a better product, not because they don’t have a choice.

    As if that isn’t enough, the Android operating system itself is flexible enough that you could install any app of your choosing. Don’t like gmail? Install a different email app, even one from a competitor such as Hotmail. Don’t like Google as the default search in the browser? Pick something else, yes, even Bing. Don’t like how something looks? Choose from numerous alternatives in the market, including ones from direct competitors like Facebook. If you buy the device from Google itself (Nexus branded phones), you can even install a completely different operating system on it if you so choose!

    Now lets look at windows phone. Does it let you change the default search engine? Can you install a different browser? Can you install sideload apps without some serious hackery? Can you completely change its appearance by simply choosing a different skin (and no, changing the colour of a square from blue to pink doesn’t count). Can you simply copy a file without having to use the Zune software, which in turn ties the phone into M$ desktop operating system? You can read more of its limitations here:

    So the cold hard truth is georgy, M$’s windoze phone sucks. In fact, it sucks so badly, that 9 out of 10 folks who accidentally bought one choose to return it and pick a different product. That is how badly it sucks, and you know it.

    Since they can’t compete on a level playing field and come out with a better product, what do M$ choose to do? Thats right, being the pimps that they are, the round up a bunch of their b*tches like Nokia, and go and whine to the government that their sleazy, underhanded tactics have all failed them in pushing an inferior product down the consumers’ throats, and they need the government to step in and save their sorry a$$ by blocking the competition. Yeah right! The hypocrisy in that assertion is almost incomprehensible.

    So no georgy, it is indeed M$ shills like you who can’t have it both ways. You can’t accuse a competitor of certain practices when:
    1) it is simply not true
    2) your own product does everything and more of what you are accusing your competitor of.

    This will be thrown out in no time, and M$ will continue to crash and burn, like a semi that just went over a cliff.

  3. George Wilson wrote, “Google’s services — that’s what the complaint is all about — have to be placed front-and-center on an Android device, disadvantaging competitors.”

    Nonsense. OEMs and app developers can change the appearance/layout of Android/Linux. It’s FLOSS, for pity’s sake! Anyone can change anything.

  4. dougman says:

    Boohooo..they not playing with us, and its NOT fair!

    M$ rather people forget about the past, lets all get along.

    I can see three future things:

    M$ comes out with it’s own Linux distro
    M$ comes out with it’s own Android based phone
    M$ comes out with a web-based laptop, akin to the Chromebook

  5. George Wilson says:

    Pogson once again demonstrates that he is incapable of grasping what it’s all about, because he’s too personally invested in hating Microsoft. Let me put it in words you understand:

    Google is abusing its monopoly power.

    Basically, it’s the same as Internet Explorer being pre-installed on Windows. That was an abuse of monopoly power according to you, was it not? Google’s services — that’s what the complaint is all about — have to be placed front-and-center on an Android device, disadvantaging competitors. That’s the abuse of monopoly power right there.

    Pogson, you are the one who can’t have it both ways, spouting about the Microsoft monopoly but blissfully ignoring Google’s.

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