Malaysian Government Adoption of FLOSS

Some statistics:

Item Status Share (%)
Agencies using FLOSS 705 of 724 agencies 97%
Agencies using FLOSS back ends 640 of 724 88%
Agencies using FLOSS desktop solutions 496 of 724 68%
Implementations of 481
Implementations of GNU/Linux desktops 94

see OSS Implementation (Federal and State Government) – Knowledge Bank.

So far, only 9 agencies report using FLOSS desktop or client OS but that should change rapidly when more of the applications are FLOSS. 9 ministries have been declared self-reliant in FLOSS. Two hundred people participated in a conference on self-reliance in FLOSS for governmental agencies recently.

So, it continues, the march of FLOSS and GNU/Linux increasing its share of IT in the world. There’s still a ways to go. Many governments are still Wintel shops. I recommend Debian GNU/Linux if you want to manage all your IT with a few clicks.

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