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BBC Almost “Gets” FLOSS…

"We looked at the wide range of licences and found that Apache v2.0 best met our requirements. Specifically it encourages others to contribute, whilst not restricting its use in commercial products." see BBC sharing its TV application layer as open … Continue reading

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edX to be completely open source by June

FLOSS and education certainly go together. FLOSS software is being developed for on-line education by major educational institutions. It seems to be making waves: “edX, the online education initiative to provide MOOCs (Massively Open Online Courses), which was founded by … Continue reading

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Headaches for Small Businesses

Brother did a survey of small business’ attitudes to technology: 85% report productivity suffers because of technological problems 77% report problems cause missed deadlines and opportunities 31% would give up a week of vacation to fix things 66% report they … Continue reading

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X and Wayland

Networking has been included in Wayland and it looks good. Too bad the foremost distro of GNU/Linux has announced its intention to abandon Wayland… For me, networking of displays is the most important feature of GNU/Linux operating systems. Perhaps X … Continue reading

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Malaysian Government Adoption of FLOSS

Some statistics: Item Status Share (%) Agencies using FLOSS 705 of 724 agencies 97% Agencies using FLOSS back ends 640 of 724 88% Agencies using FLOSS desktop solutions 496 of 724 68% Implementations of OpenOffice.org 481 Implementations of GNU/Linux desktops … Continue reading

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