The Asian Hitler

What are we to make of a tyrant who threatens the neighbours and the world and has the weapons to cause destruction anywhere in the world? Don’t take comfort in the news that N. Korean missiles can’t reach you. They put a satellite into orbit. They can drop a payload anywhere. A trajectory is just part of an eccentric orbit.
"What better than to conduct a nuclear test, and then use the resulting slap on the wrist from the international community as an excuse to ready the troops, tear up the non-aggression pact with Seoul and release incendiary propaganda about, for example, Barack Obama perishing in a nuclear onslaught?"
see What's Kim Jong Un up to?.

I think it’s time to take out Kim Jong Un’s command and control, launch sites, and go after his military wherever it may be found. When threatened by a bad guy with a gun that’s what police do. It’s the right thing to do.

The worst outcome of such a response is another episode of the Korean War, but because that war was not ended decisively sixty years ago is no reason not to end it decisively now. Even China is offended by their ally N. Korea. They probably would not mind if Kim’s teeth were pulled. An undesirable outcome of renewed fighting is that the already starving population of N. Korea would be in greater danger. This is not the 1950s, however. Hostilities do not need to drag on indefinitely. Taking out Kim Un and his brass and military could be done rather quickly. That N. Korea has more than 1 million men at arms is no advantage for them in the days of aerial warfare. Those men are useless without supplies and modern area-denial is a fine art. It’s not like the 1950s when 100 artillery shells would be needed to accomplish something. Now 1 will do. A hundred artillery pieces can be fired as one to destroy any mass of troops in an instant with simultaneous hits giving no warning to take cover. An army keeping its head down is no threat.

It is possible that Kim’s rhetoric is for local consumption but the world cannot take the risk. It’s better to risk taking some damage now rather than a lot later, just like appeasing Hitler did not work. Instead of “wait and see” we need to mobilize now, before it’s too late to prevent Kim from doing even more damage. The world needs to put tyrants on notice that they have to be polite or die. That includes Assad in Syria, Al Qaida wherever they may be found, and any bully who threatens to kill millions for personal gain.

About Robert Pogson

I am a retired teacher in Canada. I taught in the subject areas where I have worked for almost forty years: maths, physics, chemistry and computers. I love hunting, fishing, picking berries and mushrooms, too.
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  1. oiaohm says:

    George Wilson
    –I somehow doubt Kim Jong-un wants to go out in a blaze of glory.–
    We don’t know this is the problem. Kim Jong-un has not ruled long enough to know exactly how sane or nuts he is.

    –I have never heard something more laughable. North Korea attacking Beijing with a nuclear weapon?–

    New ruler. We don’t know what he would do if China does not support him. The idea that China can move against him at this point depends on him being willing and receptive.

    Remember there is a historic example of a king of England saying something in jest as a new ruler resulting in his knights killing the head of church. Causing a complete nightmare.

    New rules are always the biggest wild cards. Does pay to handle them carefully.

    And if he fluffs it with nuke weapons its a huge mess.

  2. bw wrote of Hitler’s “operation barbarossa”, “He miscalculated his ability to do so, but not really by very much.”

    HA! He did not have enough soldiers, artillery, tanks, ammunition, planes and transport to subdue Russia in a provoked state. He only made any progress because the Russians were taken by surprise. He took no major cities that were defended. He lost many armies. His soldiers died of starvation, cold or action and even if his equipment and tactics were superior time and time again he could not win because Russia kept replacing losses. Russia held a city having only one rifle per two soldiers. The Germans lost even with a high kill-ratio. Hitler was not a proper strategist and he was mad all the time he overruled better men and ordered suicidal operations with little chance of success? Close? Nope. The war was over in 1941, decided by bringing USA into the war over Japan and the invasion of Russia. Hitler could have held most of Europe indefinitely against European opposition if they had not invaded Russia. Hitler expended 10X as many forces against Russia as the whole rest of Europe and all it did was weaken Germany. Two dogs fighting over UK and Egypt would have been smart enough not to attack a passive bear at the same time.

  3. oiaohm says:

    Robert Pogson you can simulate to a point.

    Final production has to deal with real world issues of machining.

    The issue you are missing is if your warhead mechanical design is wrong ok in simulation yes it going to work problem is you need to be sure it will work when you want it to.

    Fire rocket have it explode on launch because slug slides into do-nut hole.

    The simulation removes the odds of a dud. Final production testing against real world issues require Testing to make sure it does not go bang before you want it to and a test fire after abuse to prove it still works. Also that it will go bang when it gets to target.

    Robert Pogson basically it would be seriously embarrassing todo like the historic log cannon explosion. Because you failed to test it before use.

    Modern tech gets you back to 1 test of a war head before you can go into mass production duplicating the same design many times over.

    North Korea may have already passed this point.

  4. George WIlson wrote, “North Korea is happy about America saying they take it seriously, and so on.”

    No chance. A while back, NK shelled SK killing some and causing damage. If they tried that today there would be a “proportionate” response probably causing 10X the damage to NK. If/when NK escalates from that the single discharge of an artillery piece could become WWIII. Even with crippled infrastructure, NK has the manpower, technology and resources to ship a nuke somewhere. They did orbit a satellite. That is rocket-science. It’s fairly low-tech rocket-science to boot, lashing well-tested rockets together for greater thrust. That technology can land a nuke anywhere. A stable satellite’s orbit is nearly circular. A nuke just needs a more eccentric orbit. NK already has a bomb. How small does it have to be to be delivered anywhere? 220KG according to some reports. Piece of cake.

    Of course NK will only have a few of anything like that but madmen don’t count very well. Hitler did not count how many Germans per square kilometre of Russia he needed or he never would have attacked. None of their high-tech mattered when it came down to room-to-room fighting. NK can think USA and others are weary of war and just do it to confirm…

  5. oiaohm wrote, “before you can use a warhead you really do need to test it. Iran has never done a nuke weapon test.”

    That’s not true at all. Scientist/engineers can simulate a nuclear weapon with arbitrary precision using computers. That’s why so little nuclear testing is done these days. There’s nothing particularly high-tech about nuclear weapons. 99% or the challenge is sorting atoms to get the critical mass of material for a quick chain reaction. Nature takes care of the rest. Really. A simple nuke can be made from a bomb in the form of an artillery-piece. It’s really low-tech. Fire a slug of U235 into a doughnut-hole in U235. One does not need to simulate the isotope separation. Just do it. There are dozens of ways that work when money/manpower/space/power is no object. Iran has an abundance of energy. That’s about all that’s required if you have a mess of educated people to build things. The idea that anyone needs to help Iran go nuclear is silly. They can do it all themselves. There’s nothing defective about their brains.

  6. oiaohm says:

    George Wilson

    –On the other hand you like to deny Israel the right to defend themselves. Although Iran is busy working on the bomb. Well, Israel is a far away target. So it doesn’t bother you.–
    There is no evidence Iran is working on a bomb.
    Iran has repeatedly said the same thing. They don’t want nukes.

    International Atomic Energy Agency has never fully been blocked access to any Iran facility. Ok some confidentiality requirements that at times IAEA has refused to agree to.

    Yes going into another countries mil bases they are really allowed some privacy.

    George Wilson before you can use a warhead you really do need to test it. Iran has never done a nuke weapon test.

    North Korea bothers me more because we have the evidence they can make successful bombs. And once you can make successful bombs its not much to a warhead. Number of tests done North Korea could have already tested warhead. Last test could have been 40 kiloton. Or basically ideal size for there short range rockets. Or it could have been 6–9 that is suitable for a multi warhead weapon on the rockets they have.

    George Wilson this is the problem North Korean has live nuke tech. Problem is we don’t know what they did test in the last test. By now they could have a few short range rockets with nukes.

  7. George Wilson says:

    North Korea does not have to get a nuke to USA to badly hurt the USA. Hitting Beijing would be enough.

    Hahahaha! I have never heard something more laughable. North Korea attacking Beijing with a nuclear weapon? It’s far more likely they’re invaded by zombies. North Korea declaring war against South Korea (again, as they still are at war) is about as serious as the statements of Chemical Ali during the second Gulf War.

    I somehow doubt Kim Jong-un wants to go out in a blaze of glory. North Korea has only one interest: keeping up their charade of being the last more or less communist state on earth. It’s a game. A game solidifying the status quo. North Korea provoces, America says they take it seriously, North Korea is happy about America saying they take it seriously, and so on.

  8. George Wilson says:

    Suppose tomorrow N.K. hits D.C. with a nuke.

    On the other hand you like to deny Israel the right to defend themselves. Although Iran is busy working on the bomb. Well, Israel is a far away target. So it doesn’t bother you.

    Personally, I think you’re more worried that the flow of Android gadgets out of South Korea could dry up.

  9. oiaohm says:

    bw again in dream world.

    80-kiloton nuclear war heads can be fitted to North Korea so call short range rockets.

    These are the same mobile launch platforms the USA took months to find in IRAQ.

    Intercontinental missile the might not be able to get off ground. Means to fire missiles to hit all near by USA bases yes they have that means. Next question is can they make the war heads to fit to them to make each of those a complete disaster zone.

    Yes a 80 kiloton nuclear warhead fits in 985 kg payload. Rodong-1 are Skud-D class weapons in fact longer range than a normal Skud-D 1000 km range on a Rodong-1 instead of 300 km with a Russia Skud-D with same payload.

    Or just enough range to drop a nuke on the USA base at Japan while inside there own boarders.

    bw are you 100 percent sure they are no Rodong-1 in North Korea with Nuke warheads sitting on trucks waiting for the fire order.

    Rodong-1 from truck stopping to firing is minutes.

    The reality here bw you are underestimating north korea possible force by a big way. There short range weapons are nuke war head able.

    Only question now is does North Korea have the war heads.

    China may not be in a position to move. Get out map bw draw a 1000 km circle from just inside North Korea and notice the cites of china they can drop a nuke on. One is the capital of china. Yes Beijing is under 1000 km from North Korea.

    –I personally think the Chinese will step in and tell them to cut it out. Or else.–

    Really if North Korea has nuke war heads Rodong-1 missiles the Chinese cannot do anything. If they threaten North Korea might take out the capital of China. Then we could be looking at very big mess.

    This is why it so stupid for the USA to be provoking North Korea.

    Remember china holds most of the USA debt. If they have to call there debts in USA is screwed.

    North Korea does not have to get a nuke to USA to badly hurt the USA. Hitting Beijing would be enough.

    Sorry North Korea cannot be handled as if they are harmless.

  10. bw says:

    “Hitler invaded Russia for no particular reason and destroyed his country.”

    I believe he had his reasons, the main one being that he intended to rule all the lands in Europe. He miscalculated his ability to do so, but not really by very much.

    I don’t see North Korea managing to come that close or to even get a nuke missile off the pad. It takes them weeks of prep to even try and the likelihood that such a missile would last in an upright position for that long is very doubtful. They have publicly announced that they are intending to shoot at us and that would seem to allow us to make a pre-emptive strike if any real ability to carry out the threat were to surface.

    They have some shorter range, conventional warhead, stuff to throw at South Korea, but that would likely be the end of their “empire” too. I think all that posturing is just for internal consumption.

    I personally think the Chinese will step in and tell them to cut it out. Or else.

  11. Suppose tomorrow N.K. hits D.C. with a nuke. How would that change your perspective? They have the technology. They say they will do it. I expect they will do something regrettable. Hitler invaded Russia for no particular reason and destroyed his country.

  12. satipera says:

    @Pogson You should stick to tech as this post is absolute bollocks.

  13. Mats Hagglund says:

    One thing everyone should make first: take a look at map and see who’s in the next door to North Korea – not just South Korea (or Russia). The main player in that area is China of course. And who is so naive can’t see why China is not so keen on one Korea? And why? I think China has a very good reason. You know when Soviet Union disappeared most of us were thinking that there is no need for NATO. But actually NATO moved forward to east.

    China is not going to do that mistake again. Men in Peking are clever enough that one Korea means American military bases near their border. Pentagon is of course talking about “freedom” but honestly has freedom really their primary “value”. Think about countries like Pakistan or Saudi-Arabia or friendly relationship with Saddam Hussein from late 1970’s until August 1990. Remember it?

    Is it so hard to understand the big picture in case of North Korea?

  14. George Wilson says:

    I guess North Korea doesn’t use Linux enough. That’s why Bob is mad.

  15. Ivan says:

    They put a satellite into orbit.

    Oy vey, no they didn’t.

    Their long range missile fell apart just after launch.

    The largest bomb they tested wouldn’t even destroy all of Winnipeg.

    Even on the off chance they build a missile that doesn’t fall apart and have a guidance system capable of dropping a warhead in the targeted area, they only have enough nuclear material for 4 bombs and they can’t make those bombs small enough to fit on a warhead.

    You’re an expert in propaganda, Bob. Why can’t you recognize it?

  16. eug says:

    The only two terrorist countries in the whole world are USA and Israel. All the others are solely defending themselves.

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