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GNU/Linux in Venezuela

GNU/Linux share according to Statcounter has been hovering around a few percent for a long time but in 2012 it took off with 40% increase in share in one year. It’s probably too soon to be some effect of the … Continue reading

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Yet Another Reason Not To Use That Other OS

Some people figure they must have that other OS on their PC even if they have a mess of servers. There’s evidence of malware for that other OS that targets GNU/Linux machines and wipes them… “The dropper for Trojan.Jokra contains … Continue reading

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Surprise! The World Can Make Its Own Software

Part of the problem with the Wintel monopoly is the false assumption that large US companies have the best solutions for everything. It’s not so. ‘Wandering into an 11th grade high school class he found kids were studying the following … Continue reading

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Price/Performance of Software

Purveyors of non-Free software were taken to task recently by Australia where they manage to charge far more than in other places. None of the arguments by the corporations held much water. “Adobe and Microsoft’s Australia’s managing directors have both … Continue reading

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