US States Rebel

The world is bigger than Wintel and should not be lead around by the nose to buy ever more licences to use the hardware owned outright. While many governments and organizations meekly accept their yoke from M$, others rebel. They decide to choose Free Software where possible. Recently we read that several US states are sharing the load of specifying open standards for IT:
“The Department is seeking a solution that adheres to industry standards and open systems architectures as versus proprietary solutions. Each Bidder must identify whether its solution includes proprietary aspects and, if it does, will provide in its proposal a schedule and a plan to the Department for the Provider’s migration to industry standards – or state that it intends to continue pursuing its proprietary approach.”
see Education Week: Maine Leading Initiative for Multistate Tech Buys.

Isn’t it cute? Instead of agonizing over the price of migration to open standards, they demand the proposers do that, for free.

That’s from a request for proposals developed jointly by Maine and other states. Another request for proposals by Los Angeles Unified School District explicity excludes “RT” and includes Linux in the acceptable list of OS. It also includes, “Proposer does not have a reputation for practices including, but not limited to, unethical business practices, discrimination, and unfair labor practices.” That could bar M$ from participation. They also want a 1.2MPixel front-facing camera, 8h battery-life and portability. That should exclude most Wintel solutions…

Here’s another bombshell from the LA RFP, “The Proposer must include current and upgraded versions of the core operating system software and all other software included as a part of the Proposer’s solution for 5 years from the date of delivery of a specific unit in order to maintain usability with upgrades and enhancements to surrounding systems and peripherals.The Proposer must provide a device which will not require hardware upgrades in order to reasonably keep up with possible future software upgrades(e.g., initial delivery must include adequate memory,storage, and processing power for typical upgrade cycles given the term of the agreement) or the Proposer shall include a description of how it plans to upgrade the equipment through the life of the project to maintain adequate functionality and minimize disruption and the availability of the solution.”
M$ can’t provide anything like that. If recent experience applies, 5 years is way over the horizon for M$’s salesmen. What “Partner” would sign on to provide support for any of M$’s products for five years? 5% failure-rate also requires the systems to be replaced. The also want NFS which is only available from “Ultimate” or other superlative OS versions from M$, not something able to compete on price/performance with GNU/Linux.

Amazing. Big buyers are requiring performance and not restrictions in how they use hardware. Wintel is on the rocks.

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