HP Down, But Not Out

HP is barely clinging to first place in legacy PCs but has managed to enter the consumer space of small cheap computers with a bang.
“Hewlett-Packard has reentered the consumer tablet market with the Slate 7, an Android-based device with a 7-inch screen that will start at US$169.”
see HP lets loose Android-based Slate 7 tablet starting at $169 | ITworld

It’s not too surprising that HP has evolved but it is interesting that they are not plugging themselves into the “high end” of prices as M$ did, but are rather competitive in price in the mid-range. That should give them huge volume rapidly.

With businesses, HP has a great name. Consumers need small cheap mobile computers as well and HP seems to be making the right decisions. Let’s hope they do well and expand their product lines. I think WebOS was killed off too quickly, but that’s water under the bridge. Android/Linux is a good choice. One can ship Android/Linux in volume more or less instantly because it is known globally and with this price can reach all but the poorest regions.

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2 Responses to HP Down, But Not Out

  1. ram wrote, “Indications are they are becoming very popular.”

    Yes. If you are going to touch, you have to hold the thing in one hand and 7″ is better than 10″ for many people. Whoever can produce a good 7″ tablet cheaper than most others will make money. Even I, with my poor eyes, can almost use a smart phone. A 7″ tablet would be much easier to handle. I find smart phones too small and notebooks too big to hold easily. I have reasonable large hands.

  2. ram says:

    There are 7 inch Android tablets available for even less money in Asia and Australia. Some are even available as five packs. Indications are they are becoming very popular.

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