Being Able To Use Your Hardware Your Way

Of the many PCs in my home, two were annoying. They ran Ubuntu GNU/Linux and had different windowing and performance than my Debian GNU/Linux systems. I changed the window manager but the performance was still lacking. In short order I installed Debian GNU/Linux using for one a USB thumb-drive and PXE for the other.

Read how I did it at Linux Advocates – Following Freedom.


About Robert Pogson

I am a retired teacher in Canada. I taught in the subject areas where I have worked for almost forty years: maths, physics, chemistry and computers. I love hunting, fishing, picking berries and mushrooms, too.
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  1. eug says:

    A senior Linux kernel developer has pointed to an instance of what he calls a lax approach to security in the Linux kernel, citing the case of a serious vulnerability that is now more than a month old and is yet to be fixed.

  2. oiaohm says:

    Der Balrog
    –But you surely want to tell us that the logging is done by services you can’t switch off. Which are they? I’m very interested.–

    Majority of what you are worried for ruining windows performance is not services.

    Its application issues. Or more like you do X action you trigger call to another application to perform a task for you and it logs it and these logs grow to hard to manage sizes that cause system to perform badly also take up cpu and disc io time operating them.

    One is the thumbcache lot come most of these come from Windows image viewer triggered explorer when image file is does not have a thumbnail in cache, windows media player logging(yes how thumb nails for videos are generated call windows media player). thumbnails of MS word documents this calls MS Office that also logs as well as generating the thumbnail. Yes MS added a nice little feature that programs can add there own thumbnail generators. Handy right lets have over logging because thumbnail generators are allowed to write back to disc anywhere they like.

    Search indexing Yes Extensible Storage Engine a flat file database like sqlite. Yes sqlite is what is used in zeitgeist. Yes open a general file dialog and you run across the thumbs cache and you can run across the esedb for search and many others in the process.

    Then you have the precache in windows that has to record how many times you have run every application unless you turn it off or are on ssd where windows disables this by default because it burns up ssd too fast. Yes every time you run an application from XP on and you are not on a ssd drive it counts. That information remains even if you delete the application. Yes as the precache gets larger the longer it takes to start an application under windows.

    Shutdown down services don’t help you against this problem. Turning off the precache feature or clearing the precache will help with application start time issues.

    That is used in many locations. Lots of times without means of turning off.

    There is also mess caused by how much is written to disc. Like you have to thumbnail a jpg. Explorer sees does not have thumbnail calls windows image viewer to make one that does a registry write, running the image viewer alone has to do a write into precache if its running as it does by default on all non ssd then as well the write back into the thumbnail cache.

    Same can happen from a fancy open file dialogue. To be correct worse in some cases. Some fire up there own instance of explorer.

    Lots of nice locations to be slow and just to be stupid windows precache run count number has to be updated before application can run. Yes lots of disc io and you windows application will not start loading because a counter in precache has not increased. Yes the application might be on D: drive that is a different harddrive to C: but it cannot load because C: drive is busy even that you have free cpu time. Yes the full precache can be in memory because the application only recently crashed.
    Welcome to windows what the F are you doing. Linux precache does not bother about having a counter how many times applications have been run. If the io is busy forget updating the counter under Linux basically until the io becomes free and hope it does not crash first.

    Remember as precache gets larger it takes more time to locate the precache entry that needs to be increased under windows. Yes precache is the bit that people notice some performance increases at times when they defrag. Ok most likely would have noticed more if they had deleted the precache completely and started clean.

    Little file database bugs like windows precache hurt. Linux on filesystems you also find sloppy with atime information to being able to disable it completely. Since a write of this information is mostly less important.

    So basically you can clear services.msc of all slow down services and still have a system that is slow because search indexs are bad or thumbs are bad or prefetch as gone bad…….. List goes on and on and on with causes under windows.

    The point of the article is Ubuntu is performing badly compared to a normal Linux. Most common cause of this is zeitgeist. It also shows up as your hard drive going as a bat out of hell when it should not be.

    There are a list of items to remove from Linux Distrobution to reduce disc io and io contention issues and normally in process increase pricacy.

    This does not remove registry issues and contention issues to write to registry. Multi threads writing to registry can be fun.

  3. Der Balrog says:

    Oiaohm, have you been thinking again? That never ends well.

    Yes if you have the tools used in forensics you find Windows logging crap load of stuff.

    Forensics? How about starting services.msc and deactivating the services that supposedly slow down Windows?

    But you surely want to tell us that the logging is done by services you can’t switch off. Which are they? I’m very interested.

    Der Balrog yes there are reasons why some people don’t like Ubuntu. Valid reasons.

    Well, did I write anything about Ubuntu? No.

    Okay, so the point of the article was really that Ubuntu is bad and Windows is bad? I thought it was about installing Debian. But good to know that Pogson couldn’t suppress his deeply ingrained reflexes this time around, too.

  4. oiaohm says:

    Robert Pogson

    Did you remember to remove zeitgeist from Ubuntu.

    Interesting enough Ubuntu with zeitgeist shows the same kind of behaviour as MS Windows slowing down over time. Yes if you have the tools used in forensics you find Windows logging crap load of stuff.

    Debian does not install zeitgeist. Der Balrog yes there are reasons why some people don’t like Ubuntu. Valid reasons.

  5. Adam King says:

    Well done brother Pogson. Keep preaching the freedom.

  6. Dr Loser says:


    I had a bet going on that …

    A wonderful thing, is WordPress. Luckily, you can examine the code.

  7. Der Balrog says:

    BTW, your link is missing the colon after ‘http’.

  8. Der Balrog says:

    The only thing that’s interesting about your article: you can indeed write Microsoft. That was a shocker.

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