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War And Rumours Of War

Added to the wave of consumers’ interest in firearms in USA recently, the government’s solicitation of suppliers for immense quantities of ammunition lead one to speculate that USA is bent on uncivil war. “An approximation of how many rounds of … Continue reading

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Not Your Typical Small Cheap Computer: Dell XPS 13 Developer Edition

What’s with this? Dell is improving the display and increasing the already high price. “To reflect the upgrade to the improved display the new price for the solution will be $1,549.” see Sputnik 2 is here: Dell XPS 13 Developer … Continue reading

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ZaReason Speaks On UEFI

Cathy at ZaReaon suggests solutions: CoreBoot has some AMD support… Creating keys for FLOSS… Hacking motherboards… Disabling Secureboot… She starts by pointing out that “SecureBoot” is a brilliant scheme by M$ to extend its control of hardware-suppliers. Eventually, the supply … Continue reading

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