Firing An M1A-like rifle

I had a rare opportunity to fire an M1/M14/M1a-like rifle yesterday. It was fitted with a very nice muzzle-brake which practically eliminated recoil and muzzle-jump. The trigger was very crisp and from the standing position I was able to hit the “X” on a 25 yard target at 50 yards. I did have trouble with my thick glasses and the rear peep site. It appeared egg-shaped because I could not get my eye down low enough for normal incidence. I tried to centre the group in one end of the “egg” and it was decent. Certainly good enough for deer to hundreds of yards. The ammunition was 7.52×51 NATO, probably a 147 grain bullet (not sure).“Most of the M1A rifles manufactured since 1971 were made for the commercial market and thus were only capable of semi-automatic fire.see M1A rifle – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

This rifle, while evolved from a design of the 1930s, is certainly beautiful and with the muzzle-brake, very easy to shoot. It was brand-new and still has a few rough edges but those will polish out with use. Even the ejected brass were well treated and in a tight group. That’s good news for reloaders like me.

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