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Hint: When Hunting Pythons, Use Bait

"You can go out there for days and days and days and not see one python," snake hunter Justin Matthews said last month. "I don’t care how much experience you have. It is going to take some luck." see Plenty … Continue reading

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The Price of Wintel

From time to time the world needs to be reminded of the terrible cost of using Wintel. Here’s an example. ViewSonic makes a lot of electronics. They make thin clients. Two new models have these characteristics: Feature SC-T35 SC-T45 OS … Continue reading

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Firing An M1A-like rifle

I had a rare opportunity to fire an M1/M14/M1a-like rifle yesterday. It was fitted with a very nice muzzle-brake which practically eliminated recoil and muzzle-jump. The trigger was very crisp and from the standing position I was able to hit … Continue reading

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Kim Komando Blesses LibreOffice

Kim Komando does reach the masses. “Kim’s weekly three-hour call-in talk radio show is heard (via her own national radio network called WestStar) on over 470 stations. In addition, she does a Digital Minute radio feature five days a week; … Continue reading

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