I Could Not Have Said It Any Better

Sometimes I weep at the lack of vision in IT as when someone says they are an “M$” shop…

Sometimes I am pleasantly surprised as when Gartner blogged, “revolutions happen, when the “lower classes” do not want to continue in the old way and the “upper classes” cannot carry on in the old way.  Enterprise information management and analytics practitioners do not want to process new and liberated data in the old way — they start using new technologies, sometimes in the cloud closet, but more often, openly.  Upper management cannot carry on in the old way: companies have to compete and win in the data-driven economy.  They are attracted by the shine of gold, a pure result of data alchemy.”

see Data Revolution, Part 1: Is It a Revolution?.

They were writing about big data and how people are trying to keep up with it. If price/performance matter we know GNU/Linux and FLOSS will have a shot. M$ doesn’t get a free ride when it comes down to sheer productivity of servers. You can see that in their SEC files where “Server and Tools” has the lowest margins of “Business”, “Client” and “Server and Tools”. At ~40%, it’s almost decent despite the free ride they get from their desktop monopoly in business.

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