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Small Business Thrives With GNU/Linux

Here’s a story to make your day. A small business needs to replace obsolete client PCs. They are looking at a huge expense. They call upon a young man with his own small business who installs GNU/Linux… "The computer came … Continue reading

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7.62×51 Military Ammunition

A friend obtained a batch of ammunition built to 7.62×51 NATO specs. Differences from commercial .308 Winchester include full metal jacket bullets (not full actually, but open to the core at the base of the bullet hidden in the case, … Continue reading

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More Attempts To Undermine FLOSS

FLOSS is about Freedom, allowing the recipient of the software to examine the code, run it, modify it and to distribute it under the same terms. A move to put Free Software in the public domain undermines that. A monopolist … Continue reading

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HP And “MultiOS”

“PALO ALTO, Calif., Feb. 4, 2013 — HP today announced its first Chromebook, widening the company’s extensive PC and workstation portfolio and expanding its multiOS approach to offer customers more choices.” see HP News - HP Unveils Pavilion 14 Chromebook. Curious … Continue reading

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Working For Yourself Or Being Enslaved By M$

Fire up LibreOffice4.0 and it works for you, doing classical word-processing. There’s no need to fight with it to do what you want. Compare that with M$’s office suite of late… “I’ve had trouble getting the setting to work. In … Continue reading

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