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SJVN Gives M$ Free Advice – I am enjoying this.

“In less than three months Chromebook went from zero to at least 5% of all Acer’s US shipments. That’s incredible.” see Microsoft needs to start worrying about Chromebooks | ZDNet. No, it’s not incredible. What’s incredible is that the last … Continue reading

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Hope For Piers Morgan

Instead of being a rabid gun-grabber, tonight Piers Morgan of CNN went to Texas and talked to responsible firearms owners, users and businessmen and fired semi-auto and full-auto firearms. When he asked did anyone “need” such things, he was told … Continue reading

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Release-team Sees About 90 Bugs to Squash Before Releasing Debian Wheezy

I have been using Debian Wheezy for many months with few problems, but the release-team who have a wider scope are closing in on the last few bugs. see Debian Bugs Search @ UDD.

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Nasdaq Hacked?

I was poking around Nasdaq.com looking for any information about the supposed privatization of Dell when this popped up… Ugh! I guess the malware-artists love a feeding frenzy. Anyway, it seems there is no real news on the matter yet.

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The Right Way To Do IT

Quite a few don’t see how FLOSS can be the right way to do IT but it is. FLOSS lowers the cost of IT and the barriers to entry for small businesses and start-ups. That’s good for everyone. “The digital … Continue reading

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