Laws Don’t Control Firearms. They Barely Control People.

The shooting at the school in Newtown, CT may well have happened no matter what laws are on the books. Already there are reports that various nut-cases have been able to pass “background checks” simply because the databases are woefully incomplete. Jurisdictional disputes and resource prevent that from working:
“Hume bought the rifles at the Walmart in Moore, Oklahoma, on September 25. The next day he bought the Glock at Gun World in the nearby town of Dell City, according to Nelson. Both are federally licensed gun dealers that conduct background checks. The checks, in theory, are supposed to stop certain people — including the mentally ill with a history of violence — from buying them.
see How the violent mentally ill can buy guns.

Banning firearms certainly doesn’t work since firearms can be made, stolen, purchased/supplied illegally or smuggled to get around the laws.

Registering firearms doesn’t work because not all get registered and criminals don’t follow the rules anyway.

The only way to protect soft targets like schools is to guard them. Do it. It’s the right thing to do. All this nonsense about legislating the problem away don’t work. In fact local legislation making schools “gun-free zones” is part of the problem. Arm the guards appropriately. I suggest a light-weight accurate rifle much like the gun-grabbers are trying to ban… The .223 Remington ammunition in most of these is far more powerful than needed in the close confines of a school (perhaps not for a school-yard), so I would suggest a firearm shooting accurately something like a pistol-bullet. That was the idea behind the .30 M1 Carbine. A good idea and one that still works. It’s important that guards be elevated too to keep kids out of the line of fire as much as possible and to give the guards good sight-lines.
These kinds of tools in the hands of trained people will do more than any law. With them guards can stop intruders in their tracks and save innocent lives. That’s what we want. Isn’t it? Some parking lots are guarded more closely than schools. That should change.

About Robert Pogson

I am a retired teacher in Canada. I taught in the subject areas where I have worked for almost forty years: maths, physics, chemistry and computers. I love hunting, fishing, picking berries and mushrooms, too.
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  1. Registration was tried and failed in Canada. Only about 1/3 of the long firearms ever were registered and ~10% of the data in the database was in error so “reasonable doubt” was invoked by every defendant in criminal proceedings so $billions was wasted to no effect.

    Registration does have some positives: increased employment for bureaucrats and criminals get a new line of business, selling goods the public wants. In Canada, many small businesses collapsed after registration came in and many illegal businesses started up. In essence, the government was promoting crime and taxing/punishing law-abiding citizens.

    There are countries that claim registration works but they seem to ignore a few details like the above.

  2. Ivan says:

    Registering firearms doesn’t work because not all get registered and criminals don’t follow the rules anyway.

    Bullshit. When Robert Pogson goes off his meds, holds up the Pic-N-Pay at the corner of E 19th and Avenue M in New York, and starts shooting people with his unregistered gun when the kosher meat mart owner refuses to open the safe, that is an instant mandatory sentence not to mention the mandatory fine.

    Registration works, you just want to be a whackadoodle about it.

  3. oiaohm says:

    Robert Pogson here is the most scary part about home invasions. Most home invasions in Australia are not lethal. There is a reason. Australians are not highly armed in most cases don’t try to attack the invader. The invader normally also does not want to be attacked so it turns into a game of avoid each other and the invaded calling for backup. It only when the game of avoid each other fails do we see harm. We see almost no deaths sometimes some badly beaten up people. Also most burglaries in every country attempt to do it when the people are not home. USA criminals doing burglaries are more likely to have a gun due to the fact there victim is more likely to have a gun so may need to shot back in self defence to stop the owner shooting at them.

    Here is another bad thing Australia and Usa have very similar defines for rape. You are at a high risk of rape in the USA than Australia.

    Canada has a lower rape rate it also has a lower hand gun rate. Yes lower than Australia. Most forced rapes in the USA are done at the barrel of a hand gun. This is also true for Rapes in War Zones. You want to reduce the rape rate control hand guns. Of course this is not perfect. Even in Australia the dominate weapon to be used in a force rape event is a hand gun. Followed by a large blade knife. Neither weapon in Australia are you allowed to walk down the street with unless you are a police or security office on duty.

    Yes crocodile dune dee walking down a Street in Australia would be arrested due to the large knife his char has.

    Robert Pogson one of the shocking things by defending all forms of firearms you are supporting rape.

    Please note riffles are normally not used in rape because they are too bulky so would either get in way or get to a location of being disarmed while attempting to perform a rape.

    So USA has higher rate of Murders due to home invasions than Australia.

    Robert Pogson
    –99 times out of 100 a .22 hand-gun will not be lethal and that’s not a very accurate firearm. The driver really had bad luck.–
    This is exactly why people are not allowed to walk around with hand-guns in Australia without training. Because odds of shooting someone not doing a crime is so high.

    The attacker was retreating. To hit the driver even allowing for how bad of a shot a 22 is means you were aiming somewhere in the drivers location. The target has given up their attack so this shooting under Australian law would be a miss use of firearm offence at min. Might get out of the murder charge. Because if you did fire the second shot you should have been shooting to capture not kill. This basically means aim to disable/damage car. Radiator lights or wheels aim at those areas with the .22 the odds of killing the driver allowing for how bad of shot a .22 pistol is almost nil. So low it would be more likely to die by a lighting bolt. I would guess this guy aimed at the drivers location. Odds of killing go massively up when you do this. Australia you only aim there if they have already shown a weapon due to the odds of killing.

    The user of the .22 pistol lacked training in how to use it properly for self defence so shot the driver when they should not have. You have fired a warning shot they are retreating that should be end of story in most cases other than recording like the number plate and calling police.

    Robert Pogson things go wrong this is why people with firearms need proper training. So they don’t over react.

    –Police have killed people on door-steps because they did not speak English or they were reaching for their wallets for ID… Mistakes happen and they make the news.–
    True. Australia has had its odd Police failures like beating an unarmed guy to death. Those police are being punished.

    Australian police were more likely to shot first ask questions latter without enforcement against them. Also stun guns and other items are issued and trained into Australia police to reduce cases of opps they were going for there wallets deaths. Police do need a range of non lethal weapons because events can go wrong quickly. Where one person actions look like something way more risky than what it is. Drawing a large wallet out can look from the outside of suit like drawing a gun.

    Part of carrying a semi-automatic weapon as a police officer in Australia also means they have to carry a range of low lethality solutions and know how to use them. Yes you will see the Australia Police with semi-automatic pistol draw there pepper spray and their gun at the same time and have practised shooting with the pepper spray in there hand. This is so they can respond first with the pepper spray before firing.

    The big thing that gets me is there are no firearms that are hybrid of lethal and non lethal force.

    Every time there is a Opps shooting operational policy needs to be checked and if better less killing weapons are available to handle that kind of event that will not put the police at risk.

  4. As usual, some really bad things happen when a bunch of things go wrong all at once:

    • old guy may not have been thinking right,
    • it’s night so the situation may not have been clear,
    • the GPS went awry,
    • who goes ice-skating at night, anyway?
    • 99 times out of 100 a .22 hand-gun will not be lethal and that’s not a very accurate firearm. The driver really had bad luck.

    So, how many home invasions are there every day in USA which the media spread far and wide? 8000, some being burglaries, robberies etc. but others are rape and murder.

    Police have killed people on door-steps because they did not speak English or they were reaching for their wallets for ID… Mistakes happen and they make the news.

  5. Der Balrog says:

    Stop this excuses, will you?

    Guys mistakenly drive to wrong house, are shot at, driver dies.

    So that’s the American idea of self-defense? Some guys pull up in front of your house, you shoot at them? What excuse do you have for him? PTSD? Perhaps, he’s a Vietnam veteran. But he couldn’t have shot at these guys, if he hadn’t possessed a gun! And I doubt he got it illegally. But the NRA will surely spin this to make it look good.

    America and its guns — a throwback to the dark ages.

  6. oiaohm says:

    Robert Pogson registration works long term. Please note I do mean long term. 5 to 10 years before its effects will become clear.

    Australia private sales of firearms avoiding the broker process is illegal. This helps a lot. So undercover cop offers to sell you a gun and you take it you are arrested on the spot or you sell a gun to a undercover cop or while the cops are watching arrested.

    Basically police are not required to wait for you to use weapon in crime before they can hit and take it.

    Armed guards at school is too late.

    Robert Pogson you know how you talk about knives. In Australia having even a metal knife in pocket in a public area not properly sealed is an offence.

    Australia has some of the strictest weapon controls. Yes you cannot enter a shopping centre, school or anything else with a knife let alone a gun if you do the police and security can react as soon as they see it.

    Yes this allows police and security to stand better odds of getting first shot off.

    Also the way you are talking about securing schools is turning schools into jails. It is preferable in schools to use the other options to slow down attackers.

    Finally the most important thing is the person with a gun is properly trained. This is the reason for the Australian gun licenses. If you are not security personal of some for you most likely don’t know how to do hand to hand combat well enough. There is every chance that and attacker might be able to take the firearm from your hands then proceed to use it.

    Everyone who passes background check and physical ability check in Australia is free todo training as proper security personal. Security personal must have yearly medicals.

    Australia wants people with guns who can truly fight hand to hand as well as use gun well. I am sorry to say most of the USA target shooter competitions with semi-automatic weapons most of the contestants if tested in close quarters would not be able to prevent there weapon from being taken.

    This is what I am talking about responsibility with weapons. The right to a firearm is one thing with that right becomes the responsibilities to use the weapon correctly and to protect that weapon even at destruction of the weapon from falling into the wrong hands where possible. If you can no longer protect the weapon it no longer protects you it might be the very thing that kills you.

    A weapon that has been destroyed can be replaced. We cannot make a life.

    Robert Pogson you are right the people in the USA and where you are. Are far too attached to there weapons todo the right thing.

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