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M$ Drives More To GNU/Linux and FLOSS

As I predicted ages ago, M$ is raising prices to the severely locked-in as their cash-cow shrinks. “Here’s the new Office 2013 and Office 365 packaging and pricing information that Microsoft has shared with partners to date. Office 365 Home … Continue reading

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Give Up, M$! You Lost Munich.

You have to give M$ points for persistence. They still believe GNU/Linux costs more than their product, at least “internally”. I guess that means they are in denial or their salesmen don’t care about truth. “The study concludes that at … Continue reading

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FLOSS In Action In Government

The UK developed a “Fix My Street” web application as FLOSS. Source code is on GitHub (GNU Affero General Public License). It’s now being copied by Switzerland and Norway is using it to allow citizens to report potholes and such, … Continue reading

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Using Technology To Transform Government

From the United Kingdom… "The cost of technology has plummeted. We retendered the hosting for a small part of government recently, and the incumbent systems integrator bid £4m, while a UK SME [small/medium-sized enterprise] bid £60,000. That’s a 98.5% saving. … Continue reading

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Wonderful Day in the Country

I live between city and country, the suburbs, more or less. Today I went for a 1 mile hike to get the mail and saw a jack rabbit on the road ahead. He was nervous and never let me get … Continue reading

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