California Recommends Clothing Firms Use GNU/Linux And FLOSS

California has charged two clothing manufacturers have an unfair advantage by using that other OS without paying licensing fees. “The unpaid fees gave Pratibha Syntex and Ningbo Beyond Home Textile a “significant cost advantage in the low-margin business of apparel manufacturing,” Harris said in an e-mailed statement. The suits target companies whose “unlawful actions are eroding California’s garment industry and placing California companies who legally pay for computer software at a disadvantage.”

see California Alleges 2 Clothing Firms Used Pirated Software – Bloomberg.

My take is that the state is recommending clothing firms use software with a licensing fee of $0. I recommend Debian GNU/Linux. It allows any individual to use their hardware any way they like without paying a licensing fee because the licence is included in a free download with the software. Thanks, California.

Burlington Coat Factory switched many years ago and saved a bundle.

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