One More Twitch Of The Dinosaur – M$ Might Buy A Piece of Dell

“CNBC’s David Faber is reporting that Microsoft may invest between $1 billion and $3 billion in Dell as part of the computer maker’s plan to go private.”

see Report: Microsoft in talks to invest up to $3B in Dell to help take the PC maker private – GeekWire.

This is another example of M$ nailing its coffin shut from the inside. If it did buy a piece of Dell would Dell be beholden sufficiently to continue to be a “partner”? Perhaps for a while but Michael Dell is OK with GNU/Linux and Android/Linux and taking Dell private is mostly his way to get out from under a bunch of dead wood on the Board of Dell. If M$ made a sweet deal with Dell, I would bet other OEMs would hedge their bets by investing heavily in */Linux and M$ would be shooting itself in the foot.

As long as the Board fears the effect of selling GNU/Linux on share prices they will be stubborn. If Michael Dell was in charge, he could make whatever arrangements he wanted with China, Canonical and the rest of the world. The phenomenal success of Android/Linux freed from M$ is no doubt tempting for him. He could do a lot more Android/Linux and GNU/Linux if the Board and shareholders were out of the picture.

Dell was Michael Dell’s baby. I would bet he sees Dell in need of fewer restrictions in order to continue to grow and to thrive. Why he invites investment from M$ is beyond me. Google has a ton of cash. Perhaps he should ask them…

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3 Responses to One More Twitch Of The Dinosaur – M$ Might Buy A Piece of Dell

  1. George Hostler says:

    If it goes through, can Dell become another Nokia?

  2. Der Balrog says:

    That doesn’t actually sound too bad. If DELL becomes Microsoft’s vermiform appendix, effectively turning Microsoft into an integrated hardware/software company, then other companies are free to pursue other options without regret. Valve’s Steambox project becomes ever more interesting in this hindsight.

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