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World Moves To Reduce Use and Release of Mercury

“Governments have agreed on a range of mercury containing products whose production, export and import will be banned by 2020.” see Minamata Convention Agreed by Nations – UNEP. This has repercussions for some technology I use: mercurial thermometers, but that’s … Continue reading

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VIA’s Small Cheap ARMed Motherboards

My next motherboard may well be from VIA if they keep making small and cheap motherboards. This one looks like it will fit any old ATX case you have laying around or you could just glue it in somewhere and … Continue reading

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Recent Large Shifts in the Market for Technology

Probably the biggest event in the software wars was the evident dominance of Android/Linux v iOS in smart thingies. While Apple came to dominate this space with slick gadgets and promotion, Android/Linux had inevitable advantages: It wasn’t from Apple so … Continue reading

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