FLOSS In Education Has Grown

Once again, a list has been created of useful FLOSS applications for education. Looking over it, I noticed many of the old standards such as OpenOffice.org/LibreOffice and KOHA integrated library suite and GIMP image processor but was amazed at the depth of more specialized applications like classroom managment and school management. In line with my experience there truly is no reason to stick with Wintel in education.

“To compile the list, the Oxford-based organisation worked with the educational community and with the open source communities around many of the featured projects. The list contains several generic packages, Johnson writes, "but we’ve looked at them specifically in the context of their application to an educational situation, such as using an office package to author e-books."

see List of open source options for education published by OSS Watch | Joinup.

In small schools where I usually worked, FLOSS including GNU/Linux operating systems permit reliable and economical IT limited in function only by imagination of which there is no lack in the younger generation. In larger schools, FLOSS truly flies as FLOSS greatly increases productivity and lowers costs in bulk because there are no restrictive licensing/authentication schemes. Many systems don’t even require a full time IT person because the users can manage the software and only annual cleaning/inspection may require professional IT. In FLOSS, everything can be automated and remotely administered.

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