Canonical’s Smartphone Tactics

Well, I could not have been more wrong than last week when I predicted Canonical would aim for a cloud-service for gadgets for business. It seems imminent that Canonical will aim for business but intends to do what M$ has failed miserably to do, produce an OS for desktops and smart thingies.

“Ubuntu is already the most widely used Linux enterprise desktop, with customers in a wide range of sectors focused on security, cost and manageability

aimed at two core mobile segments: the high-end superphone, and the entry-level basic smartphone, helping operators grow the use of data amongst consumers who typically use only the phone and messaging but who might embrace the use of web and email on their phone. Ubuntu also appeals to aspirational prosumers who want a fresh experience with faster, richer performance on a lower bill-of-materials device.

Ubuntu for phones is not just limited to just the Operating System on the phone screen itself. Ubuntu also has the technology, as demonstrated with Ubuntu For Android, to boot a full Ubuntu desktop from the phone when it is docked with a screen. This provides a complete Ubuntu experience in your pocket, for both your phone and your desktop, with a clean consistent look across both screens, and with all your content available on your phone and desktop using Ubuntu One. This is revolutionary.”
see Ubuntu Linux enters the smartphone wars | ZDNet.

Amen. It’s about time GNU/Linux waxed triumphant on every manner of IT. In 2012 there were a few gadgets that combined smart phones and docks/keyboards but they weren’t particularly well-integrated with the desktop. It looks like Canonical thinks they have done it right. It should not take long to find out. If their salesmen can get the ear of OEMs, retailers and developers this could be what HP missed out on last year and what M$ missed out on this year. Wal-mart could certainly do worse selling M$’s stuff instead of Ubuntu GNU/Linux.

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