Aakash 3 and GNU/Linux

“According to a Times of India report, the makers are planning to make it more open by including Linux as the default operating system in its next edition, Aakash 3.

This device is also planned to ship with a SIM slot (for calls and SMS) along with other hardware level upgrades. As per estimates, 5 million Aakash 3 tablets are scheduled to ship by next February.”

via Aakash 3, The Cheap Indian Tablet, May Ship With Linux | Muktware.

Do the maths. If 5 million Aakash 3’s ship with GNU/Linux and 5% of other PCs ship with Ubuntu GNU/Linux as Canonical predicts, 2013 will be the year GNU/Linux can no longer be ignored by anyone on notebook, desktop or tablet PCs. It’s not ~1% land any longer folks. We knew that a few years ago but now we will have production figures, not just guesstimates. At the same time we see the legacy Wintel PC market stagnant and that other OS failing to sell at any price. 2013 should be the year that everyone knows the Wintel cash-cow is dying.

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