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Piers Morgan’s “pinko-liberal” Illogic

“The ‘more guns, less crime’ argument is utter nonsense. Britain, after Dunblane, introduced some of the toughest gun laws in Europe, and we average just 35 gun murders a year. Japan, which has the toughest gun control in the world, … Continue reading

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Information Technology is a Dog-fight

Ever seen dogs fight? After the barking and snarling has proven ineffective, they go all out manoeuvring for position to get their fangs into the throat of the opponent. Information Technology is like that. M$ knows no limits legal or … Continue reading

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IBM on The Wrong Side of Software-Patents Issue

A company as productive of real inventions as IBM should be ashamed to support software-patents but that’s what they do in a recent amicus brief: “That the vast majority of computer-implemented inventions are patent eligible is beyond debate. Computer-implemented inventions … Continue reading

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