European Governments and FLOSS

Joinup has a couple of articles linked below which describe positive and negative forces affecting adoption of FLOSS in four European countries: UK, France, Spain and Germany. A major driver is cost, “There are administrations that are saving 65 percent on maintenance and software development. Furthermore, every euro we invest in the software community returns three euros to the local IT sector.”. Major hindrances are inertia, having the right people in the right places at the right time, and matching the scale of governments to the small size of FLOSS project organizations. The IT of European governments is adjusting quickly in the face of huge outlays being wasted on non-Free software and friction between closed and open standards. The solution to most problems seems to be to have government actually contribute to FLOSS projects rather than merely to use FLOSS products.

Inertia hindering governments to profit from open source benefits | Joinup.

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