Piers Morgen on CNN about NRA

Piers Morgan seems incapable of listening to people who do not share his vies that “assault rifles” should be banned.

  1. This evening, he shouted down a guy who claimed homicides rose after private ownership of handguns was banned in the UK. Here is a study that shows clearly homicides rose dramatically after the ban. That’s by the government of the UK, not the NRA or some fanatics but the people who banned the handguns.
  2. Too, he ranted repeatedly that the firearms recently used were “AR-15” military rifles. That’s not so. The AR-15 was made by Armalite and then Colt years ago in the run-up to the current M-16 M4. Bushmaster and others sell imitations. They are not AR-15s. He also went on that it was easy to convert them to full-auto. That is not so and also not legal in USA. One can get them to fire full-auto, but it’s pretty useless, not being aimed fire (note, the shooter does not modify the firearm at all but arranges the recoil to repeatedly pull the trigger, emptying the magazine in seconds, rendering the guy unarmed).
  3. He also claimed being able to shoot an armed intruder would not protect school children. His logic escapes me. Why do we even bother to have armed police forces? That’s just a silly argument to claim the other guy is silly, wrong, foolish, etc. as Piers did and had other commentators do the same. Piers seems to assume all semi-auto firearms could disappear in January. That is not possible so how are kids to be protected when they return to school?
  4. Further, he claimed the murder rate in USA was huge compared to countries where firearms were more closely regulated. Tell that to the victims of the Ruwandan genocide who were hacked to death. It doesn’t matter how many firearms you have if you have few murderers. Even if you have no firearms and lots of murderers, guess what happens? Murders, lots of them.

All in all, the NRA suggestion to protect schools with armed guards until a Utopian society is achieved makes sense to me. A layered defence works. Have armed guards at the gates, in the buses, at the doors and in the hallways and watch the body-count fall. Properly trained and deployed guards can create safe zones of fire and firing accurate rifles with fluffy bullets instead of handguns would put the intruder down promptly, saving a lot of kids. If the USA is wealthy enough to put hundreds of thousand of military in harm’s way around the globe they should be able to do the same. Offer those returning vets a guaranteed job. They would not need much training, just a savvy sergeant per school.

About Robert Pogson

I am a retired teacher in Canada. I taught in the subject areas where I have worked for almost forty years: maths, physics, chemistry and computers. I love hunting, fishing, picking berries and mushrooms, too.
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60 Responses to Piers Morgen on CNN about NRA

  1. eug says:

    A must have in every home in America !

    For everyone who would rather not have a gun in the house!

    In view of the recent Supreme Court ruling, sales of this new product may skyrocket.

    Washington thinks they are going to take away our guns, so check this out. I like it!

    NAIL GUNS! AND, you don’t even have to REGISTER them or have LICENSES for them! AND, you don’t have to worry about them being CONCEALED!

    Just a LOT of good stuff to do with THIS!

    Once in awhile something so totally cool comes out that even a guy who doesn’t normally even know what he’d like for Father’s Day or Christmas would immediately ask for it:
    Thank you, DeWalt!!!


    New Nail Gun, made by DeWalt

    It can drive a 16-D nail through a 2×4 at 200 yards.

    This makes construction a breeze, you can sit in your lawn chair and build a fence.

    Hundred round magazine.

    Someone invades your home, just nail him..

  2. The Whitehouse responded to the petition stating that he was within his freedom of speech rights to criticize the second amendment.

    He was on CNN this evening again yapping about murders by firearms being way down in UK, completely ignoring murder by all means and scorning folks who don’t ignore reality.

  3. We’ll call if we need you. NOT.

  4. Mr. Morgan ,have a safe trip HOME.

  5. ram says:

    The firearms restrictions in Australia are particularly absurd given the chemicals and poisons (banned outright in most of the world) that you can buy (with no restrictions) at our local ‘feed and seed’ agricultural supply stores.

    They have poisons there in bags big enough to kill an entire town or small city. I won’t even get into the availability of explosives. In this context fear of guns makes no sense at all.

  6. Thomas Gunn wrote, “Piers Morgan hit the nail on the head. “

    Nonsense. He lost all objectivity on that topic. Fortunately, he has resumed more normal procedures.

  7. Thomas Gunn says:

    Piers Morgan hit the nail on the head. Time for the NRA and it’s cohorts to wake up and smell the cordite.

  8. glen wrote, “Which require a bit more planning and greater time period of irrational thinking than grabbing Mummies gun.”

    Nope. In Winnipeg there are pre-teens that steal motor-vehicles in seconds. Those vehicles can carry nasty fuel/chemicals.

  9. glen says:

    “Nope. Various poisonous compounds, deadly gases, fires and explosives can all do the deed”

    Which require a bit more planning and greater time period of irrational thinking than grabbing
    Mummies gun.

  10. glen wrote, “accessibility of firearms to the general public which enables this behaviour to rise to the horrific proportions of Newtown”

    Nope. Various poisonous compounds, deadly gases, fires and explosives can all do the deed, and probably for less money. Then there’s low tech, just driving vehicles into crowds. The guy at Newtown was smart, graduating high school early. He could spend 30 minutes in most libraries or 10 minutes on the web and get all the information he might need for non-firearms technology. The guy in Norway used both firearms and non-firearms but he was such a klutz the big bomb killed fewer than the firearm but remember Oklahoma. I was a neighbour of a guy who blew up his house by digging in his garden, rupturing a gas line… The house was gone in seconds.

  11. glen says:

    Man will always be violent and aggressive with psychotic individuals, but it’s the
    accessibility of firearms to the general public which
    enables this behaviour to rise to the horrific proportions of Newtown.

  12. glen wrote, “Your a fool for aligning yourself with the nra”

    I am not aligned with NRA except on this issue. It’s obvious if your soft targets are being attacked you defend them. That’s true in IT as well as education. Would you ban writing malware or put up firewalls? You might do both but the ban without the firewall is useless.

  13. glen says:

    Al Qaida????
    Why throw that one in.

    I just read the fireman story.
    Some guy sets fire to a house at 5.00 am.
    Most likely pissed as a newt or drugged up with a death wish.
    Another psycho with access to firearms who wants to commit suicide and take a few with him.
    So let’s see.
    You want vets in schools, police to accompany firefighters and national guards at critical points of infrastructure.

    What about secret agents in the back of ambulances???
    Postmen with a stash of grenades in their satchel???
    Headmasters have to be crack-shots and supply their own armoured vest???

    Your a fool for aligning yourself with the nra
    which in recent times receives huge amounts of funding from gun manufactures who have a financial stake in the proliferation of firearms.

  14. glen wrote, “Your points seem to be that gun control will make for a worse situation than the U.S. has now.”

    Canada and the USA both have reasonable firearms laws. That’s why in the USA police always seem to be able to trace the ownership of firearms. The USA does have a huge hole, no background check for “gun shows” at events where individuals buy and sell firearms. Canada tried a system where the government had its nose in each transaction but it did not work. That just increased the size of the black market. The point it that if a government does not have the consent of the governed to impose more restrictions they won’t work.

    One has to work around such social issues and the usual way of doing that is to guard the critical points of infrastructure: airports, government offices, VIPs. I and the NRA just suggest to include schools in the list of guarded places. The recent ambush of firemen in Webster, NY, USA suggests that deploying some police to every fire would also be a good idea. That’s often done for traffic control. It could be done to protect firemen. Al Qaida include in their book of tricks ambushing first responders. Since the news media have now published this “how to” copycats will no doubt arise. One does what is necessary.

  15. glen says:

    I give up on this topic.
    I live in Australia and we have gun laws which weren’t just made on whim.
    If you don’t understand the point of limiting the ownership of deadly weapons, so be it.
    Your points seem to be that gun control will make for a worse situation than the U.S. has now.

  16. dougman wrote, “Lets place a loaded weapon, in a sealed glass case at a mall. “

    That would violate current Canadian criminal law: unsafe storage and a firearm not stored separately from ammunition.

    The idea of banning firearms is just silly. Many firearms owners even if identified would turn over some firearms and hide the rest. e.g. Nazi Germany and occupied territories were filled with cached weapons for many reasons, even though the nazis forbade firearms ownership to suppress resistance and the penalty for being discovered was death or worse.

    In Canada, when certain classes of firearms were banned, they magically appear on the black market. The firearms bans made a roaring business for smugglers, thieves and dealers in illegal arms. The registry of firearms failed because many firearms owners refused to cooperate.

  17. dougman says:

    Lets place a loaded weapon, in a sealed glass case at a mall. How long will it take for said weapon to take a life? Care to take a guess?

    Let the police and extremely harsh laws deal with those who choose to commit crimes with firearms.

    But with logical gun control, everyone is forced to turn over their guns, military, police and security guards. No weapons period!

    Why should the police maintain a monopoly? Politicians love to take the moral high-road, but do recall that they are hypocrites and are protected by armed guards and armored vehicles. Eh??

  18. glen wrote, “deranged individuals aren’t such a big problem when they don’t have easy access to firearms.”

    Tell that to the people they terrorize. I have lived in communities where parents had children sleep on the floor to make themselves smaller targets. Then there are the nut-cases that kill with fire, bomb, poison… Firearms are inert objects with no will of their own to kill. In the right hands they are tools to provide for and to protect families.

  19. glen says:

    What your talking about are rare occurrences.

    Drunks and high and deranged individuals aren’t such a big problem when they don’t have easy access to firearms.

  20. glen wrote, “Let the police and extremely harsh laws deal with those who choose to commit crimes with firearms.”

    I have lived in communities where police had to fly in and in stormy weather could not reach a community for days. Drunk, high and deranged individuals do not respect laws. There are times and places where individuals in a healthy society have to take care of things themselves. Even where I live police may take 30 minutes to respond to a 911 call. That’s just the reality of living outside of a city.

  21. glen says:

    This is all bullcrap.
    Ordinary citizens don’t require guns to match the firepower of bad guys unless you want to snowball
    to an ever increasing violent society.

    Let the police and extremely harsh laws deal with those who choose to commit crimes with firearms.
    Thank god some of you guys just write crap on the internet and aren’t in a position to make real decisions.

  22. ram says:

    Further with respect to Australian gun laws:

    “In theory, theory and practice are the same. In practice, they are different.”

    For the time and effort a shop owner would have to put into getting a security licence and an appropriate class of firearm they would no longer have any time to run the shop. A few exceptions might be precious metal dealers, bank managers, and security escort services.

    Admittedly, some aspects of Australian gun laws make sense, such as the safe storage requirements and perhaps the limitations on magazine size. Others make no sense at all, such as the ban on semi-automatic 22 rimfire rifles.

    Between John Howard’s (former PM) gun laws and GST (tax) many shopkeepers have just given up. Parramatta road in Sydney is proof of that.

    The massive increase in hold-ups, armed robberies (including car theft), and home invasions is glaring evidence that the present Australian arms laws don’t work. Law abiding citizens with clean records should be able to buy and store sensible firearms to defend their families and businesses, and for sporting purposes such as target (paper, metallic, and skeet) shooting. Right now, in practice, only wealthy large estate owners have access to sporting rifles for hunting.

    Curiously, the same wealthy elite are about to be granted hunting access to NSW National Parks which pretty much denies access to the common citizen or tourist – unless they want to be shot!

  23. oiaohm says:

    Rabbits slightly different beast there alarm sound is thumping ground. The bang of the gun matches their alarm sound. Cross bows better match for kill rabbits.

    Gophers kill the sentries and and you get to keep on killing. Rabbits to kill a lot be silent. Yes suppressor that you not allowed to have now was great for Rabbit hunting.

    Of course rabbits we use everything to control them including biological. So air riffle with darts to introduce illness is another weapon. Bull dozer with rippers another. Mostly it has turned out the other weapons are more effective than gun against rabbits.

    Also due to where rabbit build their homes getting 200 yards back is more often than not possible to maintain line of sight to target. Australian native eagles like rabbit as well. So any rabbit too far out in the open is eagle food.

    Even 100 yards back you line of sight can be ruined.

    Basically Gophers are a simpler pest to kill. But we are now very well armed to get rabbits. I don’t think there are any biological weapons you can use against Gophers.

  24. oiaohm says:

    Robert Pogson Rabbits don’t issue alert sounds like Gophers. Thump of feet from running is the alert sound. Bang of gun basically replicates Rabbits natural alert signal.

    The strict Australian firearm law point of view is if you are going to have a gun for self defence you better know how to use it properly. You better know how to restrain someone without using firearm as well. You better be regularly checked for mental sanity.

    Yes the Australian Gun law does not remove the right to bear arms. Just means if you want to bear arms you have to be responsible and trained todo so. It also means if a shop keeper does draw a gun they don’t miss. So you don’t have shop keeper fire off a shot miss criminal and criminal fire off shot and kill shop keeper.

    Giving random untrained jokers firearms like the current USA law allows is perfectly stupid. Allowing at home any size gun magazines you like is also stupid. People until about 21 there mental stability is not fully set. So if you want to go by mental means you would say any house with people under the age of 21 in it should be gun magazine limited and number of firearms in house limited at a min. It is simpler to make it all civilian homes.

    If you want more guns do as we have here have armouries. Reason a gun license required here to be part of a registered club or group is these have an Armourers with an armoury for storing excess firearms. In fact when you order a new gun it has to come to you by the police or your clubs armourer.

  25. oiaohm wrote, “Best way to get rabbits is cross bow. Bang and they are gone so they are the class idiot gophers are.”

    With a modest .22 centre-fire like .222 Rem at ranges over 200 yards, the pests are not alarmed enough to run off or hide. Closer than 100 yards .22 rimfire works pretty well. I have been in target-rich environments where one could fire 50 shots and get 50 kills without having to relocate. Gophers issue alerts with a whistling sound but if they are killed promptly they don’t get to do that.

  26. eug says:

    Sunday, December 16, 2012

    Obama implied during his speech in Newtown Connecticut “We have to give up our Freedoms”


  27. oiaohm says:

    ram please go read the Australia gun laws. A shop keeper who does the registration and training as a security guard in Australia is allowed to have a gun behind the counter.

    So shopkeepers under Australian gun law are allowed to arm self. In fact Security guards with cause can be armed with Australian made Ar-15 semi automatic with large magazine or semi automatic pistols or tear gas or… Yes lot of different control options. General population is not allowed this. Shop keepers with security guard firearm license can be in fact armed with larger weapons to everyone bar Mil. In fact they are allowed larger than the police force carry.

    Australian gun law is very well designed. People like shop keepers who need large guns can get them. People doing pest control can under the right conditions have fully automatic weapons even like metal storm gun turrets. Mil class hardware with cause.

    http://latino.foxnews.com/latino/news/2012/07/13/gangs-threaten-salvadorans-living-in-us/ Gangs in the USA also do shake downs.

    Funny right ram you premises about shop keepers not being allowed guns is completely wrong. This is what some of the gangs have found out. Come back to collect payment and have like 6 security guys pop up with Ar-15. So yes shop keepers in Australia can be heavily armed with well trained people holding the weapons.

  28. oiaohm says:

    ram you are kidding me right.

    “Before the gun ban this would have not happened as the shopkeepers would have been armed themselves.”

    This kind of shake down happens before the Gun Ban as well. Guns don’t stop parties like the KKK existing.


    If you look at USA news you see the same thing and that is with Lax gun laws. Now the difference is more people who don’t pay up die in the USA.

    Having a GUN does not prevent shop keeper from being extorted. Why because to destroy a shop keeper you only have to destroy store so you can wait for shop keeper to leave and if the shop keeper has not paid destroy shop. Pay up or something really bad will happen. With or Without guns don’t stop shop keeper extortion.

    Australia there is no town the Tax Office or Police cannot go into. Main reason why towns in the USA are so bad for Tax Office and Police is the Lax gun laws.

    Extortion of shop keepers happened before the Gun Ban in Australia as well.

    We also have stories like this. Name the last time a robbery in the USA was defeated by a rubbish bag or a broom or some other general shop item. This has also only started happening since the gun ban where criminals are using more basic weapons. Knife vs broom or garbage bag is not a fair fight for the criminal.

    Notice the criminal is up on two charges. Funny enough the failing to dispose of syringe is 2 years jail. This is possibly more jail time than the failed armed robbery.

    Yes you will get people who are pro guns claiming all kinds of crap that guns protect shop keepers. Number of shop keepers shot has dropped since the gun ban in Australia.

    Arm self with guns is not really the solution. Australia between states has due to different levels of enforcement has seen that rate of robberies and extortions is directly linked to the average jail sentence for such crimes. Longer the sentence the less criminals do.

    The USA idea of lets take matters into own hand is the problem. Correct laws and enforcement reduce crime at lot.

    Shop keepers in Australia can still be armed. They can be registered firearm bearing Security Guards for the business.


    Yes Australian Security Guards are allowed to carry mil grade weapons if the threat justifies it.

    Sorry Ram Australian Gun Laws don’t forbid Shop Keepers from being able to defend self.

    This is what I am talking about properly made gun laws. Yes a shop keeper doing large turn over could have personal with semi automatic weapons. Even with 50 shot magazines. The weapon has to be Australian made to avoid disposal requirement when not in usage. There is quite a selection a security guard in Australia with the right license can use. http://www.acmefirearms.com.au/rifles/wfm4-rifles.html Security guard with pistol and a M4 is possible.

    This is the problem ram gun ban does not remove shop keepers from having an Armed security force. In fact in Australia they are allow a security force as heavily armed as general mil officers.

  29. ram says:

    This is what our daily headlines are looking like:


    Before the gun ban this would have not happened as the shopkeepers would have been armed themselves.

  30. ram says:

    Oh, and I forgot, the gun ban helped make the public really dislike the police – so now they get little in the way of public cooperation, especially in attempts to rein in organized crime.

    The are now outback towns where the tax office and the police can’t go. Nationwide ‘the government’ is losing legitimacy fast.

  31. oiaohm says:

    Robert Pogson there are two forms of crime. Premeditated and non Premeditated. Keeping clip sizes down help with those who are non Premeditated.

    Robert Pogson
    “Again, criminals or murderous individuals care nothing for regulations and if supply becomes difficult they can find ways to modify legal magazines.”

    To modify legal magazines to be larger require Premeditation. If there are only small magazines in a non Premeditation based crime those will be the ones used. So a person snaps and goes to kill someone straight away the size clip at the location is what they will use. So a limit of a 5-10 round clip/magazine make sense.

    Next if larger than 5 requires special license also makes sense. Not everyone will gopher hunt. A person with a modified clip can be taken in at that point for mental treatment. Please note Australia home made weapons without a license to make a weapon is illegal same with modifications to clips by people without license to make weapons. So if any of this is found police can respond straight away. USA people found making guns its mostly legal.

    Bolt action Australia 5 to 10 magazines is common. Since closest we have to gophers are rabbits. Best way to get rabbits is cross bow. Bang and they are gone so they are the class idiot gophers are.

    Remember you are still allowed more than 1 clip/magazines. So 5x 10 round magazines you still have 50 shots just takes more skill to have to change magazines.

    I do agree Premeditated Criminals there is no much we can do about by regulation. Even taking down a Pre-mediated Criminal needing more than 5 shots in a burst would be a rarity. Hunting human criminals is very much like hunting rabbits, wild dogs and from what you have said coyote. Most common criminal pack size is 3 to 4. So a few 5 magazines is enough.

    Robert Pogson basically go from the point of view you need to take down a criminal with an automatic weapon. How many shots do you need. Sniper with 1 shot. Close range only 2 to 3 in busts. So a magazines of 5 still should be enough.

    For self defence lot of people in the USA have too large of gun clips. Result is when gun falls into hands of person who was sane now has gone nuts too many people die.

    Even criminals looking at usa robberies you don’t find many using magazines above 15. Yet people in their homes have 50 magazines and larger in the USA.

    Yes the premeditated criminals normally don’t use huge clips in countries with restricts on magazines size as huge magazines could possible draw attention to them so cause there plan to fail.

    I really think its not gun regulation but magazines regulation so the weapons lethal force is limited.

    Next is the stupid part that I can in the USA by gun parts without a license. Even if a part is just a trigger spring in Australia you need a firearms license to have it. This makes producing weapons hard.

    Next in Australia only people who can receive guns by courier are Gun Dealers, Officially registered Armourers and Police Stations. So this means you find a package containing a gun not going to any of the officially listed locations you know you have a illegal weapon in the system.

    Robert Pogson you need to sit back and think what do I really need to protect self without holding excessive force. Automatic weapons with a magazines of 50 plus unless you are really at war is excessive force. There are parties in Australia allows to have the very large magazines but they are not allowed to have the guns to use them. In case of war you would go to those parties and get magazines.


    Yes interesting fact most killings are not Premeditated. Really a very small percentage of killers are Premeditated criminals. Even the with Premeditated criminals most killing is when there plans have gone wrong.

    Criminals yes don’t obey regulation. Most of the ones that plan are not the hazard. Its the Criminals who are mentally ill and have not planned is the larger hazard. Gun laws limit the damage mentally ill do without really reducing your means to protect against the Premeditated criminals if they laws are done right.

  32. ram says:

    In Australia after the gun ban there was, and continues to be, a marked increase in firearm violence. The ‘bikie gangs’, Russian mafia, Greek and Italian mafia, Vietnamese and Chinese syndicates, remain heavily armed – usually with FULL AUTOMATIC weapons including 50 cal machine guns – none which were ever legal here for private ownership.

  33. glen says:

    Hey eug,
    isn’t there some nutjob site you can hang out at instead
    of posting your conspiracy crap here.

  34. eug says:

    I believe there is evidence of more than one shooter. I believe this was a PLANNED event- specifically to get the UN Small Arms Treaty signed. The father of the shooter is Peter Lanza, rumored to be scheduled to testify on the international LIBOR scandal. Guess who else is rumored to be scheduled to testify on the LIBOR scandal? Father of the BATMAN theater shooter. Amazing coincidence? We will see.


  35. eug says:

    Over 100 witnesses dispute the official theory of only two shooters.


  36. dougman says:

    One question: Why are all these attacks at gun-free zones? Seems reasonable that if one is bent on murdering, that would be the place to go.

    Mr. Fitch makes a solid point, what do you do in the the first five minutes before police can respond?

    Just days after the Sandy Hook shooting, St. Louis County Police Chief Tom Fitch stated plainly that educators and education professionals should be trained to carry weapons and armed while in school, to protect kids.

    “We can talk on the back end of the need for funding of mental illness programs and gun control, but as a law enforcement officer, I’m focused on that five-minute window that it takes for the cops to get there while people are getting killed,” he said. “There is somebody out there right now trying to figure out how to do something worse than this guy did, and there is only one way to end a threat, and that’s with lethal force.”

    “We cannot continue to do things as we’ve always done it, that’s why we need to have frank discussion in this country as to where we go from here,” he added.

    At this point, denial has become our most dangerous enemy
    Knee-jerk reactionaries; however, quickly dismissed his suggestion and illogical, unworkable, foolish – you name it – but Fitch, a career law enforcement officer, remained undeterred, mostly because he has yet to hear a better idea.

    “How do you think we should respond to that?” he said during an interview on local radio station KMOX, regarding the lag time when shots are first fired to when police arrive. “Nobody has an answer. Nobody has said, ‘well, I would do this.’ They just say, ‘I don’t like what you said, it’s unacceptable, it’s irresponsible, you should be fired.’ I’ve heard all of that. But, nobody has an answer for that critical time period.”

    He’s not alone. Other law enforcement and security experts have similar sentiments.

    In an excerpt from a compelling article posted online at PoliceOne.com, featuring a hard-hitting presentation on school security by Lt. Col. Dave Grossman, the solution is laid bare:
    The challenge for law enforcement agencies and officers, then, is to overcome not only the attacks taking place in schools, but to first overcome the denial in the minds of mayors, city councils, school administrators, and parents. Grossman said that agencies and officers, although facing an uphill slog against the denial of the general public, must diligently work toward increasing understanding among the sheep that the wolves are coming for their children. Police officers must train and drill with teachers, not only so responding officers are intimately familiar with the facilities, but so that teachers know what they can do in the event of an attack.

  37. eug wrote, “All facts that do not fit the official truth are labeled “conspiracy theory””

    Show us facts and not coincidences. The fact that anyone connected with the Newtown shooting was connected with another does not show the shootings are connected. e.g. a lady who survived a shooting in a mall in Toronto, Canada, dies in a similar shooting in USA. Two nut-cases are only connected by their delusions and the fact that they watch the news.

  38. oiaohm wrote, “I would be interesting to hear how large of a clip is really required to deal with coyotes”.

    With a single coyote stationary, one shot is enough. If there are more than one or they run off you get one or two more shots and they are out of range. I agree, 5 shots is usually enough for pests. An exception might be gophers where you might be able to see 100 from a single location. You can shoot 50 some times before they figure out that they should hide. A bolt action is usually fast enough for them, however. Even on a bolt-action, it is common to use greater than 10-shot clips for pests.

    Again, criminals or murderous individuals care nothing for regulations and if supply becomes difficult they can find ways to modify legal magazines. The prototype of the M1 Carbine was partially designed and built by a guy in prison with a hacksaw, a file and a drill-press. There is nothing very complex about semi-auto firearms. In some cases they are extremely simple. e.g. the Stench Gun is made of sheet metal and the bolt has a fixed firing pin. “Over the period of manufacture the Sten design was further simplified: the most basic model, the Mark III, could be produced from five man-hours work. Some of the cheapest versions were made from only 47 different parts.”

    Does anyone believe banning firearms of any kind in any way will actually eliminate them? It might reduce numbers available to citizens but would be no barrier to a determined criminal.

  39. oiaohm says:

    Robert Pogson really question is responsible issuing and storage.

    “Do you advocate allowing the bad guys to be armed while the good guys are disarmed?”

    Australia was able to put the genie back in bottle. It does require a few law changes.


    In Australia committing a crime using a firearm or other ranged weapons(bows/high powers sling shots can land you with a firearms offence if used in a crime) does mean longer jail time and a extra charge on your record. Criminals are not 100 percent idiots. If using a gun equals longer and worse sentence gun usage in crime drops. Now a lot of robberies are done with knives and other non ranged weapons. Death rate from robberies has dropped.

    Now the push is you do a gun crime get caught forget bail straight to jail no questions.

    Robert Pogson for pest control. Australian Gun regulations has this handled. There is a “Occupational” Shooters.

    For semi-automatic weapon stored in a house the largest clip you are allowed is a 5 shot clip. Makes sense by the way. If you have a intruder in a house having a 10 to 15 clip on a automatic weapon might not be as exact with targeting so more likely to shoot someone just walking by. Yes parties with large gun clips can end up with safe deposit box holding their large gun clips to be in conformance with law.

    Category D gives access to semi-automatic under Australian laws. Requires doing a special course and undergoing regular testing at ranges to make sure you still can use them correctly. Even so a person under 18 is not allowed to have a license for any weapon in Category D class. This includes the AR-15. In fact anyone without a Category D license is not even allowed to touch the weapon. Yes they are allowed to move a locked box containing the weapon as long as they don’t have the key to the box.

    Collectors holding Category D weapons must render the weapon temporary unable to be fired. Yes disasmeble and remove the firing pin. “Occupational” Shooters can only have there guns in operational state while they have contract for usage of weapon. Worst part is a Occupational Shooter without any contracts is required to either have there class D weapon destroyed or turn them over to a party with a Collectors license for storage in a disabled state.

    Robert Pogson I would be interesting to hear how large of a clip is really required to deal with coyotes. Is 5 then change clip enough. Remember when a person is rearming is when they become weak with a firearm. Person on Person 5 clip is normally more than enough.

    Like a 25 and 50 clip is that really required. Occupational shooters are allowed larger than a 5 clip. Bolt action is allowed larger than a 5 clip.(slower).

  40. eug says:

    All facts that do not fit the official truth are labeled “conspiracy theory”

  41. PM does excellent journalism most times. He is normally a great interviewer. That’s why I watched his programme, but he is insane when it comes to firearms. His pet question is why anyone would need a firearm such as BushMaster makes. The answer, “for defence”, he seems to dismiss out of hand even when we know the bad guys have lots of fire-power. The answer, “for pest-control” doesn’t even register with him being an urbanite. Where I live, lots of folks need rapid-firing rifles to deal with fast predators that work in packs, like coyotes. Where I live, lots of folks need rapid-firing rifles to deal with gophers which can wreak havoc in crops and pastures. The answer, “for fun”, he dismisses as insanity since he equates firearms with evil. Every little boy who ever threw a stone must be evil in his mind. There’s nothing at all wrong with loving technology. There is something wrong with misusing it. I think he is just off the rails on this one.

    Sure, he is right to want a solution to mass-shootings but disarming the good guys is not a solution but a feel-good move accomplishing nothing. The mass-murderer who plans to kill himself could not care less about feel-good stuff. If there were no firearms those guys would find some other method. The problem is not technology but organizing society to deal with madness one way or another. Ignoring mass-killings while concentrating on eliminating firearms is insane. If your house is on fire, do you want first-responders to write down your report first or deploy hoses? The USA house is on fire and indirect methods will be too slow and imprecise to deal with the matter. The NRA’s idea has merit and provable benefits. If it has flaws fix them instead of throwing out the idea. A journalist is supposed to report on happenings not manipulate them as he is doing.

  42. glen wrote, “you advocate exposing children to more firearms.”

    Do you advocate allowing the bad guys to be armed while the good guys are disarmed? How will that save one life? The solution recommended by the NRA does not cause a single firearm to be manufactured, just a change to the “gun-free zone” idea. Make it “gun-free except for guards”.

    USA vets returning from Afghanistan are trained in security and reducing collateral damage, just what is needed. Of course, there are PTSD guys there but they can be filtered out as needed. What is not good for PTSD people is unemployment.

    I have worked in schools. I know the problems of monitoring hallways or gymnasiums. Guards can learn proper protocols too. Many schools have armed guards already. You can bet the high and mighty in Washington DC send their kids to schools with guards. Why is that so wrong for ordinary folks?

  43. More phony conspiracy theories.

  44. That’s a rather far-out conspiracy theory designed to fill a vacuum. Eye-witness reports do not support the idea that anyone but Lanza shot. How could CIA be involved?

  45. That’s a Portuguese version of this: http://www.wnd.com/2012/12/how-to-stop-the-slaughter-of-the-innocents/

    I have read other data that suggests arming just a few percent of civilians is sufficient to deter most criminals because their risks increase dramatically if they don’t have a few minutes before help arrives.

  46. Charbax wrote, “All guns must be banned now. End of story.”

    Suppose you ban firearms tomorrow. The bad guys will not give up theirs. Do you propose door-to-door searches? What about the buried caches? You cannot put the genie back in the bottle. USA already has prisons full of drug users/dealers. They have no room for gun-owners. Hunting down gun-owners would also convince many citizens that the survivalists have the right idea and they will seek out even more firearms at any price. The wars on terror and drugs are failures. Why open a third front?

  47. Charbax says:

    The UK has something like 27 gun related deaths per year. The USA has over 30000 gun related deaths per year. It is completely moronic to use the UK as an argument for more guns in the USA. All guns must be banned now. End of story.

  48. eug says:

    A verdade é que todo dia civis armados impedem assassinatos em massa.


  49. eug says:

    More Massacres Until Gun Laws Enacted – Insider


  50. glen says:

    This is by far your stupidest post ever.
    Instead of limiting the access to guns for those who
    don’t need them, you advocate exposing children to more
    So you want armed, returned vets hanging around schools.
    Stick to tech stuff please.

  51. dougman says:

    Piers Morgan, a British ex-pat, that was fired from the Daily Mirror for published fake material, comes to America and spouts off that he thinks our rights are out-dated and then goes on to call someone “unbelievably stupid” on national television.

    Same thing with China, telling Americans to give up our liberties.

    I will respond with my best Canadian accent, “XXXX off, eh!”

    Earlier I found this comment and could not have stated it any better.

    As for P.Morgan, he’s a vacuous and overpaid Mass-Media twit of a Brit. He should be reminded that in the late 1770′s it was precisely our privately well armed and gun savvy Minuteman militias who beat the pants off his General George Gage’s Hessian mercenaries. Then, in 1812, we did it again. Then, a hundred years later, we were stupid enough, in 1917/1918, to actually help these pompous idiots in defending themselves, at great and unnecessary cost of our own lives and treasure, against a wannabe world leader German emperor. Then, because they and their French “friends” got a bit too greedy in Versailles, and Paris, and later the Rhineland, 25 years after that we had to help them again. As usual, they were unprepared. (Remind Morgan of Chamberlain!)

    Somebody at CNN ought to pass Mr.Morgan a clue about the historical value of being well armed and ready in the face of aggression, and what WILL happen when one is not. On the other hand, a half century of having had to learn German or Russian might have presented the more memorable lesson to the likes of Morgan?

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