Apple v Samsung – Nuclear Fallout

GROKLAW: “Yes, this should affect damages. It should affect whether Samsung ultimately gets a new trial, in that damages were decided only as a total, product by product but not broken down patent by patent. How do they decide how to reduce the damages now?

see Groklaw – Apple's Pinch to Zoom Patent Preliminarily Invalidated by USPTO ~pj.

I was “pinching to zoom” back in the 1950s before I received my first eye-glasses… Finally a bit of rationality out of USPTO. Apple gets more bad PR if this thing goes back to trial again with a proper jury… Apple will get worse PR is this thing is patched up by the judge getting a second chance to bat Apple’s ball out of the park. Instead of nuclear warfar, Apple may get self-destruction of their wonderful “cool”.

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  1. dougman says:

    Pinch to zoom? Is that like the inverted mouse issue when people installed Lion for the first time?

    Apple is so proprietary, they do things backwards and make you use special connectors for your hardware.

    Same goes with UI gestures. Now that Jobs is sadly gone, whats Apple’s next big thing?

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