Dell Admits Incompetence

“Amazon is selling books and Google is making it up with search. So far we couldn’t find a way to build a business on Android.”

see Dell Gives up on Android, Doubles Down on Windows 8 | Maximum PC.

Dell, what’s wrong with competing on price/performance like everyone else except M$? Others are making tons of money selling Android/Linux devices. So could Dell. If Dell’s business is making and selling hardware, just do it.

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  1. lpbbear says:

    I had to return to the customers site yesterday and finish working on a couple of Windows 8 workstations. It was shear agony….

    Windows 8 is horrible. While there may have been improvements to the underlying operating system that I am not aware of, the GUI is an absolute joke.

    In past versions of Windows, say from Win95 through WinXP, even though the operating system was a mess, system settings and configuration controls were fairly consistent in their location and design. Not so with Windows 8. The Metro overlay….interface…whatever the hell you want to call it is beyond ridiculous….its total crap.

    I have worked with a lot of different OS interfaces and GUI types over the years and never found one to be this bad.

    Sure, there will be the usual crowd of excuse makers and apologists who will say..”Oh, its not so bad once you get used to it blah blah blah”.

    Yes, it is “so bad”. Its garbage.

    The other issue I ran into was getting Outlook 2010 to simply work. After wasting 45 minutes trying to get that worthless piece of sh*t to simply connect to a Pop3 server I gave up. I downloaded the latest Thunderbird and was done in 3 minutes including importing the users Outlook contacts and old emails. I’m sure, according to the MS droids, it was all my fault because I must be incompetent as a tech guy but I am not. Outlook is a kludgefest. I don’t feel too bad. The in office unofficial tech guy, there is always one in every office, tried to set it up for another user and completely failed as well. He called me later on in the day after he spent a couple hours fighting with it. My advice? Life is too short, use Thunderbird and move on with life.

    About the only thing I saw in Windows8 that was an improvement was the way the file manager handled multiple file transfers by grouping them into a single window. That is nothing really new because that is exactly the way KDE has done it for as long as I can remember. KDE goes it one better by docking this process to the taskbar rathar having it float in the middle of the desktop. Even so it was nice to see that small change.

    Other than that Windows 8 really sucks.

  2. THR, a banned guy with a relevant/reasonable post for a change, wrote, “‘failure’ means that local Chinese operators have removed Google’s services from Android devices and offer their own.”

    Obviously, Google can stand a little competition that way. From their standpoint, I expect as long as it’s not M$ filtering Google out, it’s a good thing. Google still gets a shot at revenue by serving ads on websites. Google’s business goes as websites visited X ads/links clicked per website so even a “cleaned” Android/Linux will increase revenue. Imagine if every tiny OEM had a sweet deal from M$ to replace Google with that other search engine or Android/Linux with Phoney “7” or something or included ad-blocking …

  3. dougman wrote, “Microsoft tries to change people rather than the OS”.

    Exactly! This is what comes of a company producing an OS run by salesmen. All they care about is cash-flow, not performance for users. M$ ran out of reasonable new things they could do for the desktop so they decided to change everything in the hopes the whole world would run out and buy the latest thing. Good riddance to them. I look forward to the next quarterly report in the hope that they take a beating. It never seems to happen because of their creative accounting but that cannot go on forever. The last few quarters have been rather grim for “client” as they are having to compete on price/performance in many regions and number of PCs shipped per quarter has been flattish.

  4. dougman says:

    Here is an astroturfing story regarding Windows 8:

    Microsoft Surface RT Best Tablet Ever, ‘Reviewers’ Gush!

    Windows 8 tablet may not be posting big sales numbers, but everyone who bought one from Best Buy claims to love it unconditionally.

    For those that do not know what ‘astroturfing’ implies, the creation of lobbying groups that appear to be separate from corporate interests, but that are actually funded by them. As opposed to “grass-roots” political activism.

    The strategy is doomed. Microsoft tries to change people rather than the OS and it introduces artificial barriers like UEFI, which complicate everything and can in fact discourage Vista 8 installs.

    Also, it appears that Windows 8 is not selling that well. 🙁

    I dare to say that AOL tried the METROFAIL desktop back in 1996 and to think M$ had some originality left in it. *GASP*

  5. THR says:

    There’s an interesting article in the German “Technology Review” about Google’s ‘failure’ with Android in China — where ‘failure’ means that local Chinese operators have removed Google’s services from Android devices and offer their own. Dell could have done something like that. Android is, after all, open. I think many people would actually appreciate a Google-free device. But companies like Dell and Microsoft have become lazy. In fact, a super-tanker will turn more quickly than these two.

    But as for Dell specifically — when Linux is concerned I don’t think they can’t be taken seriously since they basically mocked users by giving them a ‘choice’ of a mere three or four very basic computers with an outdated Ubuntu. And then they gave users the finger again with their overhyped Project Sputnik notebook, which with its outrageous price neither interests developers nor ‘normal’ users.

    Dell is unable to cope with Windows’ diminishing appeal. They — like many other companies which had and still have a kind of symbiotic relationship with Microsoft — have no Plan B. Too bad.

  6. Grim. If a product I bought did things like that, I would be gone so fast and never coming back. ASUS does know how to make computers. Does M$ know how to make an OS? I don’t think so.

    This is the kind of thing that drove me to GNU/Linux so many years ago. Dependence on M$ makes you vulnerable to whatever crap they ship and whatever malware thrives on it.

    I had a similar situation years ago with a PC that a user demanded be rolled back to that other OS. Naturally, I chose “7” instead of XP. After hours and many reboots I did manage to get it to run but she could no longer print on her desk and could not access the files shared on our LAN via SMB. Using M$’s software is a waste of time especially if you have to install and update the stuff.

  7. dougman says:

    Regarding Windows 8, here is a report from someone that I know.

    I am using his Toshiba laptop. Let me explain.

    I have been on the road, visiting my 95-year-old mother. My laptop PC computer failed. So, I went to Best Buy to buy a replacement. I bought an Asus notebook for $279. I just wanted to be able to keep writing my required output of articles.

    I got it back to my guest room. It loaded, slowly. The Windows 8 imitation Windows 7 screen was a nightmare. It was barely recognizable. Attention PC shoppers: big learning curve ahead!

    About two hours later, this message appeared: Your PC ran into a problem and is forced to restart. It announced that it would send information to Microsoft. It logged me off. I could never get it to work right after that.

    I took it back. I exchanged it for a more expensive Asus. I was now up to $479.

    I took it back to my room. It happened again, only this time for keeps.

    I got the same message after two hours. It logged me off. At 1:22 a.m. EST, it announced: Attempting Repairs. I waited. At 3:44, I got this message:

    Automatic repair couldn’t repair your PC. Press “Advanced Options” to try other options to repair your PC or “shut down” to turn off your PC.

    Log file: C:\Windows\System32\logfiles\srt\srtTrail.txt
    When I saw this, I knew the machine was a goner.

    Log file: C:\Windows\System32\logfiles\srt\srtTrail.txt

    Whenever you see programming code on a screen, it’s all over. It means that something users are never supposed to see has appeared. The crisis is beyond anything a normal user can do.

    At 3:46, it started over.

    Preparing Automatic Repair
    Diagnosing your PC

    Choose an option

    Continue: Exit and Continue to Windows 8

    Turn off your PC

    Use a device: Use a USB drive, network connection or Windows recovery DVD

    Troubleshoot: Refresh or restart your PC, or use advanced tools
    I tried the first option. I got the same screen. I shut it off. I got this:

    Preparing Automatic Repair
    Diagnosing your PC
    I was caught in an endless loop.

    I could make no corrections to my articles.

    About 10 hours later, I returned the computer to Best Buy.

    Is Windows 8 a disaster? For Asus, it is.

    If it does the same with other brands, Microsoft is in trouble.


    Microsoft is trying to make Vista look good. So far, it has succeeded.

    Windows 8 is a hybrid program. It tries to be “fun” like a tablet. It is not fun. It sits on a desk.

    It tries to be a serious business program. It is a disaster. It operates nothing like Windows 7. The learning curve is worse than Vista to Windows 7.

    It shuts down good computers.

    In short, Apple has just received a shot in the arm.

    Best Buy promised that if I buy a new computer, and buy Windows 7 on the Web, they will install Windows 7 for free. But Best Buy is not allowed to sell Windows 7 in their stores. My guess is that Microsoft doesn’t want salesmen to recommend Windows 7. That would make Windows 8 look like a turkey. It was introduced on Black Friday — the day after Thanksgiving. That was appropriate.


    If you are thinking of upgrading to Windows 8, don’t.

  8. lpbbear says:

    Its clearly as Pog said. Microsoft once again has reached into its checkbook bag of tricks and used some sort of “incentive” to bribe Dell into using Win8 in its product lines. This has been the MO of Microsoft for the last decade and will continue to be until the legal system takes the company down.

    BTW, I had to work on a Win8 system yesterday. As has been reported elsewhere it is a total mess. The useless Metro interface only makes a bad GUI worse….if that is even possible.

  9. dougman wrote, “Dell is nothing but a lapdog.”

    I agree in part but I don’t think it’s that Dell is a follower of M$ as much as owned by M$. That is, I expect M$ “bought the privilege” of shipping product through Dell. I think other OEMs rebelled sufficiently that M$ threw some $billions at them to remain a “partner”. Intel bribed OEMs in a similar manner. They were caught out. I will enjoy it when M$ is flushed out into the open on this.

    Certainly, it makes no sense for a business to avoid hot products to go to one fizzling in the market. This does stink. There are plenty of buyers who stick with Dell no matter what. M$ and Dell are banking on them sticking even if crapware is sold.

  10. dougman says:

    Clearly Dell has lost their edge in IT, doubling down on Windows 8 will not work. Selling $1000+ so-called developers ultrabooks with Ubuntu doesn’t work either.

    They could have created Chromebook’s or Nexus devices, or created an Android device that booted Ubuntu when mated with it’s dock.

    Let them run back to their masters at M$, Dell is nothing but a lapdog. I for one will not be buying anymore “DELL” computers period.

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