Canonical Hunting Users of XP

Canonical has published a book about the benefits of migrating to Ubuntu GNU/Linux from XP.

“Download today and discover:

  • The cost of a Windows 7 upgrade for your organisation
  • Seven trends changing your desktop strategy
  • Four types of user who just don’t need Windows
  • Eight reasons why Ubuntu is enterprise-ready
  • Four experiences of enterprises now using Ubuntu
  • The risk-free way to try out Ubuntu today

Just fill out the form you can see on the right for the full story.”

see Crunch time on the Enterprise desktop :: Ubuntu Insights.

Isn’t it cool to find a large well-connected corporation actually promoting GNU/Linux?

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3 Responses to Canonical Hunting Users of XP

  1. eug says:

    Windows 7, just as the vast majority of software products, and certainly Cloud-based applications and services, harvests information from each end user and shares it with the mother company. This is, of course, not new to the latest iteration of Windows, as previous releases of the OS, including Windows Vista and Windows XP were also designed to contact Microsoft servers in order to provide with data gathered from user machines. The Redmond-based company is making no secret of the Windows 7 features that phone home, and, in fact, offers a full, although not exhaustive, disclosure on the Windows 7 Privacy Statement webpage.

  2. Nelson says:

    #eug and what makes you think that microsoft don’t have someting similar on windows? at least on Unbuntu we can se the code and now exactly what is happening, and dissable it if we want, what about windows?

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