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Sublime and Ridiculous Items on CNN

I’ve been watching CNN a bit lately and while sometimes it’s informative and sometimes entertaining, I rarely comment on the content. In the last 24 h though I have been moved to write: CNN reporter Arwa Damon has been reporting … Continue reading

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Malware Built-in to That Other OS. M$ Have You No Shame?

“in Internet Explorer, versions 6–10, which allows your mouse cursor to be tracked anywhere on the screen—even if the Internet Explorer window is minimised” see spider.io — Internet Explorer Data Leakage. To be free of this monster, I recommend you … Continue reading

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Want to be Audited? Use M$’s Software.

M$ is desperately trying to milk the dying cash-cow by having salesmen push audits of M$’s users. “Redmond’s compliance troops swooped on 51 per cent of enterprises and partners polled for the 2012 Software Pricing and Licensing Survey by IDC … Continue reading

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