Three Times More Smartphones Shipped Than PCs in 2012 Q3 in China

“the PRC smartphone shipments reached a record high and broke past the 60 million unit mark in 2012 Q3, over three times more than PRC PC shipments in the same quarter. Smartphones shipped to the PRC grew 38% QoQ, far outpacing the 9% QoQ growth of the total mobile phone market.”

see Over Three Times More Smartphones Shipped Than PCs in 2012 Q3 in the PRC, Says IDC.

Sixty million is a lot of smart phones. It’s another reason that PC sales have stalled. The smart phone is for everyone. Only a few need a mainframe on their desk. It’s also another example of China gaining independence in IT from the rest of the world. An OEM does not need to sell outside China to be world-class, but they do and the world knows it. Very little of this industry or its economy depend on M$. That’s the way it should be. We don’t need monopoly in IT anywhere.

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  1. Interesting data. M$ may have to be content with a modest share in “developed markets”. In a competitive global environment can any global corporation afford to be handicapped by M$? What about nations? USA and Europe are strongholds of that other OS but GNU/Linux is chipping away at those. I don’t know what the eventual share will be but M$ is heading for way less than 50%, more likely 25%. They can charge what they want of course and some will pay it rather than change but that is getting harder to justify these days with European and USA governments all approaching a fiscal cliff…

    OTOH, */Linux is heading to dominance on retail shelves simply because the vast majority of shoppers care about price and FREE software is also $free. Eventually businesses will arise that “give away” all kinds of IT to promote their other lines of business (e.g. GOOGLE, Amazon) and businesses like M$ which have no other line of business than selling licences will shrink drastically. The smartphone has become the pocket calculator of the last century. Tablets and notebooks are going the same way. Thin clients of all kinds are thriving. It is natural that businesses selling the services of servers will see it in their interests to provide small cheap computers for tiny prices. In order to compete, M$ will have to charge for use rather than permission and no one will be interested in paying excessively for services. That will bring M$’s margins into line with businesses that actually work for a living and competition will return to IT.

  2. Mats Hagglund wrote, “Poor Ballmer is the captain of a ship called USS Neanderthal.”

    The relationship of M$ to USA is interesting. While the US constitution is hailed widely as an icon of democracy, the US political system has widely sold out to corporations and the larger the better, no striving for excellence or doing the right thing at all. Just look at Fox News where the evening commentators assume that everything shared is evil. No universal medical coverage in the “richest” nation of Earth. Military contingents policing the world take precedence in funding. Even the Democrats toe the line that “Israel right or wrong…”. People run for election for the avowed purpose of weakening central government. Why are these people not recognized as the terrorists of the day? Why are they not in jails instead of 800K pot-smokers?

  3. Mats Hagglund says:

    …and over 91% of those smartphones were Android which means that Windows has not even 25% market share in China.

    Poor Ballmer is the captain of a ship called USS Neanderthal.

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