Bern Prefers FLOSS

“A clear majority in the council of the Swiss city of Bern has voted for a switch to free and open source IT solutions. It instructs the city’s IT department to make future IT purchases platform and vendor neutral and to prefer using open source solutions. This way, the council wants to rid the city of IT vendor lock-in.”

see Majority in Bern council tells Swiss city to switch to open source | Joinup.

Of course, this is what every government and organization should do. It is so much more efficient to cooperate with the world in the development of good IT rather than being isolated and dependent on a few suppliers intent on maximizing profits. I recommend Debian GNU/Linux as a base for all your IT. Debian works cooperatively with the world to assemble powerful tools for every aspect of IT.

The Join-up site in Europe serves to inform and facilitate organizations using FLOSS. Bern has one of the lowest rates of usage of that other OS if you believe NetApplications but GNU/Linux should get a pop from this move.

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    What a disgusting pig! I don’t envy you, Robert. Dealing with this troll scum is obviously a nasty business. These people must live a pathetic life.

  2. James Mandingo says:

    And your wife prefers Mandingo. All is right with the world.

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